Session 3 of the Nike EYBL in Atlanta featured elite talent. Here are some of the standouts.

Bol Bol 7’2 225 C – California Supreme 2018

Bol continues to play exceptionally well. He’s shot well through the EYBL season si far, and while I’m not sure if the stats are correct that he only attempted one three-pointer over his three games but he hasn’t shot too much from outside. He doesn’t miss many shots wherever he shoots from, hitting 66% over the weekend. He blocks and rebounds everything within his wide radius of reach. He doesn’t have the quickest feet or anticipation but he’s always able to contest everything with his ability to shrink the floor. He’s leading the EYBL at 4.1 blocks per game. In his three games over the weekend he posted nine, five, and seven blocks in his respective games and the shots he doesn’t block, he alters. He can mishandle passes on the move, sometimes trying to dunk or make a move before he catches the ball. He distributes well as he can see over the defense from anywhere to whip a bullet pass to the open man. It’s like he’s working out of the high post from anywhere within the half court. He did sit out the first game of the session, I’m not sure why, I didn’t hear of an injury and he seemed healthy in the games he played in. He also rarely sprints up the floor and goes at his own pace most of the time. With all this said, his able to disrupt on defense, versatility, and highly efficient offense, he’s won me over as the top prospect in high school. California Supreme went 3-1 in Atlanta and have a record of 9-3.

Session 3 averages (3 games): PPG: 25.3, RPG: 12.3, APG: 2.3, BPG: 7, TOPG: 2, FG%: 66%, 3P%: 0%, FT%: 100%

EYBL averages (11 games): PPG: 25.4, RPG: 9.9, APG: 1.6, BPG: 4.1, TOPG: 2.3, FG%: 66.3%, 3P%: 51.7%, FT%: 85.7%

Emmitt Williams 6’7 210 PF – E1T1 United 2018

After last year’s breakout summer, Williams continues to impress. He dunks nearly everything within reach with his long harms, explosive leap, and aggressive attacking style. However, he lacks technique when he can’t dunk. He’s light on his feet, rotates well defensively, and is vocal each defensive possession. He challenges anyone at the rim on both ends and does a good job of not fouling. In his games against MOKAN Elite and Expressions Elite he posted four and five blocks respectively. He shows good anticipation for offensive rebounds and tip slams. He rarely shoots but it isn’t one of his strengths, however he’s currently a 50% three-point shooter going 9-18. Williams and E1T1 went 2-2 over the weekend and positioned themselves well at 9-3.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 12, RPG: 9.8, ORPG: 2, BPG: 3.3, TOPG: 1.8, FG%: 50%, 3P%: 29.6%, FT%: 53.3%

EYBL averages (12 games): PPG: 17.7, RPG: 12.3, ORPG: 3.7, BPG: 1.5, TOPG: 1.9, FG%: 58.9%, 3P%: 50%, FT%: 60%

Silvio De Sousa 6’8 255 PF – E1T1 United 2018

This was De Sousa’s first session as he didn’t attend Hampton or Indianapolis. He didn’t have a great weekend playing less than ten minutes a game. I love his upside and his physical profile but he’s dropped off a bit in the past year. He’s turnover prone and went scoreless against MOKAN Elite. He’s still an explosive finisher and always the strongest player on the court. He makes fundamental errors; not staying on his feet, out of position, struggling to convert and get easy baskets. However, I still find him to be one of the more intriguing prospects in 2018.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 4.8, RPG: 5.8, BPG: 1.5, TOPG: 1.8, FG%: 28%, FT%: 62.5%

Simi Shittu 6’9 225 PF – CIA Bounce 2018

In the one game I saw, Shittu looked improved physically. He’s always had a man’s body but looks more physically mature than in the past. He utilized his jab step and was too quick for Balsa Koprivica when taking him out on the perimeter. His transition game as a  finisher is impressive, and he also shows leadership skills. He can think the game on the move with good instincts. He’s a high-level athlete who attacked the rim without hesitation. His jump shot still isn’t smooth. It looked improved in warm ups but he puts too much of the ball on his fingertips rather than letting it sit on the finger pads of his hand. He’s leading the EYBL in free throw attempts but isn’t making them count like he should. He shot 4-13 from the free throw line in the game against Southern Stampede. CIA Bounce won their only game against Nike Team Florida, dropping the next three and currently have a 6-6 record.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 23.8, RPG: 9.8, ORPG: 4.3, APG: 2.8, SPG: 1, TOPG: 2.8, FG%: 52.4%, FT%: 58.3%

EYBL Averages (12 games): PPG: 20.7, RPG: 10.6, ORPG: 3.8, APG: 2.8, SPG: 1.2, TOPG: 3.5, FG%: 57.2%, FT%: 55.4%

Ignas Brazdeikis 6’7 225 SF – CIA Bounce 2018

Brazdeikis has had a great EYBL so far, currently fourth in the league in scoring with 23.3 points per game. He’s a better athlete and ball handler than one would assume. He gives 100% every time he takes the floor and doesn’t lack confidence against any opponent. He could pass in some situations as he will attack a defense without a gap but sometimes he makes it work. The left-handed forward’s a high-volume shooter, taking 16 shots a game. His outside shot can improve as he shoots over four three-pointers per game at 31.9%.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 23.8, RPG: 8.5, APG: 2.3, TOPG: 2.3, FG%: 49.3%, 3P%: 20%, FT%: 73%

EYBL averages (11 games): PPG: 23.3, RPG: 7.9, APG: 2.2, TOPG: 2.4, FG%: 50.6%, 3P%: 31.9%, FT%: 70.5%

Vernon Carey 6’9 245 PF – Nike Team Florida 2019

Carey has a tremendous amount of talent with a multidimensional skillset as the game comes easy for him. He does however, settle for threes too often. In the game against CIA Bounce, he shot three in the first five minutes of the game. Over his four games he shot 2-11 (18.2%) from outside. He has swift footwork for his size and nice touch on his floater. Sometimes he plays with too much finesse when he could attack with more aggression. His 6.4 rebounds per game can also improve. Improving consistency is going to take Carey a long way. His standout game came against BABC with 27 points while shooting 9-12 in a half court buzzer beating loss off a bank shot. Nike Team Florida’s only win of the weekend was against MEBO Team Hood and are 5-7 overall.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 19, RPG: 4.8, BPG: 0.8, TOPG: 1.3, FG%: 59.6%, 3P%: 18.2%, FT%: 69.2%

EYBL averages (12 games): PPG: 18.1, RPG: 6.4, BPG: 1.3, TOPG: 2, FG%: 56.3%, 3P%: 33.3%, FT%: 70.4%

Balsa Koprivica 7’1 240 C – Nike Team Florida 2019

Koprivica has trouble staying on the floor as he gets in foul trouble very early in the game on a regular basis. His stats are underwhelming but he plays well in his limited minutes. He’s almost always the biggest player on floor and uses it well, making moves you don’t see often at the high school level. He made a bullied Ignas Brazdeikis on one move to finish with a dunk. Although he doesn’t show much emotion, he doesn’t get rattled and never plays soft. He knows who he is as a player, never trying to do too much and is highly unselfish. He’s got good mobility but doesn’t have the speed to hedge on the perimeter or guard quicker forwards.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 4.5, RPG: 3, BPG: 0.5, TOPG: 1.8, FG%: 46.2%, FT%: 75%

EYBL averages (12 games): PPG: 7.5, RPG: 4.8, BPG: 1.4, TOPG: 1.6, FG%: 69.1%, FT%: 56%

Trendon Watford 6’8 215 SF/PF – Nike Team Florida 2019

Watford has good size on the wing at 6’8. He’s a very good half court scorer especially in isolation. He gets too casual with the ball sometimes but he protects the ball when driving using spins and moves to avoid the defense. He hit some big shots over the three days showing natural scoring ability and his distributing has improved over the past year but needs to cut down on the turnovers at nearly two per game.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 16.3, RPG: 5, APG: 1.5, SPG: 0.8, TOPG: 1.8, FG%: 64.1%, 3P%: 50%, FT%: 57.9%

EYBL averages (12 games): PPG: 13.1, RPG: 4.2, APG: 1.7, SPG: 1, TOPG: 1.9, FG%: 52.8%, 3P%: 35.3%, FT%: 61.4%

Marvin Bagley 6’11 225 PF – Nike Phamily 2018

Phamily hasn’t been able to pull out a win even with two new additions Bryce Hamilton and KJ Hymes, currently sitting at 0-12. Despite not having team success, Bagley’s played very well and impressed throughout the EYBL season. He’s shown high-level athleticism and finesse when appropriate. Also, his multidimensional skillset has been on display. Bagley had two exceptionally big games in Atlanta, the close three-point loss to Team Final with 29 points (10-14), 17 rebounds, and three blocks, and against MeanStreets with 31 points (12-16), 25 rebounds, and four blocks. When teams play a zone defense, his team has trouble finding him down low as he always has two or three defenders blocking an entry pass. He’s forced to get the ball on the perimeter and attack a set defense, sometimes settling for an outside shot where he’s currently shooting 20.9% from three or forcing his will which he’s averaging 3.8 turnovers per game.

Session 4 averages (4 games): PPG: 22, RPG: 14.8, ORPG: 5.5, APG: 1.3, BPG: 3.5, TOPG: 2.8, FG%: 56.1%, 3P%: 22.2%, FT%: 55%

EYBL averages (11 games): PPG: 25.1, RPG: 14.7, ORPG: 5.6, APG: 1.7, BPG: 3.1, TOPG: 3.8, FG%: 55.9%, 3P%: 20.9%, FT%: 65.6%

DJ Jeffries 6’7 190 SF – Team Penny 2019

Jeffries had a great weekend especially in the game against UPLAY Canada. It was obvious he was motivated for the game against RJ Barrett and he rose to the occasion, taking advantage of a struggling team finishing with 25 points. His jump shot needs work but he can catch rhythm off the bounce and when he gets it going, he’s hard to stop as he has advanced scoring instincts and he passes well out of his drives making him a two-dimensional threat when attacking. He’s long and a bouncy athlete who showed to be a great competitor. Team Penny went 3-1 with an 8-4 record and welcome a new teammate James Wiseman giving them even more front court power heading into Los Angeles.

Session 4 averages (4 games): PPG: 12.3, RPG: 4, APG: 1.3, TOPG: 2.5, FG%: 48.6%, 3P%: 16.7%, FT%: 66.7%

EYBL averages (12 games): PPG: 11.5, RPG: 4.6, APG: 1.7, TOPG: 2.2, FG%: 50%, 3P%: 39.1%, FT%: 63.6%

Cameron Reddish 6’7 200 SG – Team Final 2018

Reddish has played exceptionally well every game I’ve attended this EYBL season. Just watching his movements with or without the ball, his shift, the way he goes from a relaxed standing position into a quick low attack, and the way he explodes to the rim but can finish with finesse shows much resemblance to Josh Jackson. I don’t think he’s quite as explosive or the distributor that Jackson is, although he did end up with 12 assists against RM5 Elite. His first step quick, he can get hot from outside, and creates space with ease. He excels at drawing fouls as he’s currently first in free throws made with 91 (7.6 per game) and second in free throws attempted. He shot 14 free throws against Houston Hoops and 20 against RM5 Elite. His efficiency can improve shooting 37.5% and taking 14 shots per game in his four games. Reddish and Team Final won three of their four games in Atlanta and are 7-5 overall.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 22.3, RPG: 4.8, APG: 4.5, BPG: 0.3, SPG: 1.8, TOPG: 3.3, FG%: 37.5%, 3P%: 22.6%, FT%: 85.1%

EYBL averages (12 games): PPG: 23.2, RPG: 7.1, APG: 2.8, BPG: 1, SPG: 1.6, TOPG: 1.9, FG%: 40.5%, 3P%: 31.3%, FT%: 77.1%

Javonte Smart 6’4 190 PG – Houston Hoops 2018

I only attended one of Smart’s games but I caught him against California Supreme. He finished with a season high 33 points while shooting 12-18. He didn’t shoot from outside but slashed to the basket, getting where he wanted off the dribble. He couldn’t get the win but has a fearless approach and wasn’t afraid to attack the paint against California Supreme’s abnormal length. Houston Hoops lost all four games in session three and sit at 5-7.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 19.3, RPG: 2.3, APG: 2.5, SPG: 0.8, TOPG: 2.5, FG%: 49%, 3P%: 45.5%, FT%: 82.4%

EYBL averages (12 games): PPG: 15.5, RPG: 3.2, APG: 4.1, SPG: 1.2, TOPG: 2.5, FG%: 46.9%, 3P%: 33.3%, FT%: 80.8%

Shareef O'Neal 6’9 200 PF – California Supreme 2018 (Arizona)

O’Neal was productive, spending much time on the wing. He’s got a quick pull up jump shot, his shot could use more rotation but he’s effective behind the arc. He attacks and plays with constant aggression, crashing the offensive glass and tip slamming when given the opportunity. He’s a high-level athlete with a good second jump. He didn’t dominate the boards, currently averaging 5.8 but shows solid versatility, finishing with six assists in the win over Houston Hoops.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 15.3, RPG: 5, APG: 2, SPG: 1, FG%: 40.7%, FT%: 60%

EYBL averages (8 games): PPG: 15.2, RPG: 5.8, APG: 1.5, SPG: 1, FG%: 43.7%, FT%: 62.5%

Darius Garland 6’1 160 PG – Bradley Beal Elite 2018

Garland was sensational against UPLAY Canada, taking over the game with 24 points while shooting 11-15 from the floor. He’s very quick, changes directions with the ball, and stays under control at a high speed. He makes good decisions on the fly with a good balance of scoring and passing. He’s not an above the rim athlete but shows good body control with acrobatic layups at different angles. He sells his crossover and dribbling moves very well, changes his speed with hesitations, and is difficult to trap as he rarely is forced to give up the ball. He’s a good on ball defender with great quickness and anticipation. Bradley Beal Elite won all four games in Atlanta and currently have a record of 9-3.

Session 3 averages (4 games): PPG: 16, RPG: 4, APG: 3.8, SPG: 1.3, TOPG: 2.5, FG%: 52.3%, 3P%: 20%, FT%: 86.7%

EYBL averages (12 games): PPG: 17, RPG: 3, APG: 4.9, SPG: 1.1, TOPG: 2.3, FG%: 54.3%, 3P%: 33.3%, FT%: 86.7%


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