2 - Melo Trimble

6-2, 195 Point Guard
Maryland Junior
02/02/95 (27.4 yrs)
Arlington, VA
High School
Bishop O'Connell
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
89 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Jarrett Jack

Strengths: Even-keeled player…Leads his teammates by example…Trimble is a strong and compact, score-first combo guard…A big-shot maker who wants the ball when the game is on the line…Confidence doesn’t wane even when he’s struggling to make shots…Has good enough size to play the point guard spot at the next level…A prolific scorer who can score points in bunches, he thrives at creating scoring opportunities for himself off the dribble…One of the best aspects of his offensive skill set is his ability to score on strong, aggressive drives to the basket…Good shooter and has NBA range …Shooting form has no fundamental issues…Shoots well off pull ups, curls, catch and shoot, and spot ups…Keeps defenses honest with his 3-point shooting (but lacks some consistency from long range)…Solid mid-range stroke…Rhythm shooter and can streaky…Has proven he can run his team’s offense with good command…Has a good basketball I.Q. and feel for the game…Strong playmaker out of pick-and-roll situations (thread the needle passes and lobs over bigger defenders in the post)…Engages the defending big, which allows his screener to roll to break free for easy buckets…Effectively splits the pick-and-roll, creating open/easy opportunities for himself and his teammates…Knows when to make the correct kick out pass when he draws the defense…Can also make the right drop off passes leading to easy catch and finishes for his teammates around the basket…Comfortable playing in tight spaces…A quality free throw shooter who excels at drawing a ton of fouls on his defenders…Possesses decent playmaking ability…He’s patient with the ball…Plays at an excellent pace…He’s become more comfortable playing off the ball…More specifically in coming off screens and knocking down jumpers…Crafty ball-handling skills…Makes it difficult for defenses to trap and contain him…Can get to any spot on the court (nice first step)…Quick, shifty, and changes speed effectively…Keeps his dribble alive and finds open teammates for assists…Defensively, Trimble has good hands and anticipation skills…He knows when the jump the passing lanes and comes up with steals…Plays hard on defense and challenges his opponent…Can keep players in front of him thanks to his strength…Lateral quickness has improved from previous seasons…Not a lockdown player but can hold his own…Solid rebounder…Can hold his position…Relies more on boxing out and effort than leaping ability …

Weaknesses: Not a vocal leader but has made strides in this area…The age factor plays against him, as he’s already 22 years old…More than likely already a finished product…Has good but not great speed…Doesn’t lack athleticism but he isn’t going to wow anyone with his athletic ability either…Streaky shooter 3-point shooter…More of a below the rim player…lacks shooting consistency…Limited by his lack of length and vertical leap…Sometimes can get caught up with holding onto the ball too long…He’ll miss opportunities to push the ball up the court for easy baskets in favor of slowing the game down to a halt…Is sometimes too focused on scoring instead of getting his teammates involved…Will miss chances at making easy passes to open teammates because of his tunnel vision to score…Can be turnover prone due to reckless play…Will need to improve his assist to turnover ratio…Struggles to finish at the rim over taller defenders (but has shown improvement with his floaters)…Three-point shooting consistency is still a work in progress (shot just 31 percent from long range last season)…On defense, he gives his opponents too much air space and allows them to easily shoot and score the ball from beyond the arc…Needs to continue to develop his awareness on defense…Cannot jump over players for rebounds…

Overall: At best, Trimble can be selected in the second round of this year’s draft. But it wouldn’t be shocking if he didn’t hear his name called on draft night. The Maryland native is coming off a season in which he led a younger Terrapins team in scoring and assists with 16.8 and 3.7, respectively. He proved himself reliable as a primary playmaker and scorer. Trimble was a model of consistency when it came to scoring throughout his collegiate career. For the past three years, he was the heart and soul of Maryland but didn’t have anything to gain by returning to school for his senior season. With aspirations of going pro, he made the right decision to declare and keep his name in this year’s NBA draft. However, after a lackluster showing at the NBA Draft Combine, going undrafted has become more of possibility. The best case scenario for him remains sneaking into the back end of the second round with some luck and impressive performances during predraft workouts.

Tajh Jenkins 6/1/17

Strengths: At 6’2, he has good height for a point guard … A strong athlete, who uses his body and physique to penetrate and gain the advantage, creating alot of opportunities at the free throw line by being aggressive … A season average of 86.3% FT shooting allows him to capitalize on his aggressiveness … He shows solid ability to finish with his strength as well as finding teammates on drive and dish … Creates shots well by using his body to create space … Good ball-handling skills … Very good composure and readiness considering his age, having just finished his freshman season … He instantly became a standout player, who leads by example … When the game is on the line, he usually steps up to the challenge and wants the ball … Great 3 point shooter (41.2%) and overall a good shooter … Even better at catch and shoot when receiving the ball and spotting up, playing as a shooting guard … Good rebounder as he is not afraid of contact or fighting for that missed shot under the basket … He finished with a season average of 3.9 rebounds per game and a few of games with double digit rebounds …

Weaknesses: Spent his freshman season with ups and downs and will need to become more consistent … Started the season strong but hit the freshman wall towards the end, and while his scoring might have stayed the same, his shooting percentages dropped as Maryland also struggled during that stretch … Needs to continue to build up his body and conditioning to excel at the next level … Although he averaged 33.5 mpg, later in the season you could see his athleticism fell off some, likely due to fatigue … Needs to improve on the defense end, not necessarily his skills but his focus and effort level … Needs to maintain his motivation level regardless of the level of the competition … Lacked vocal leadership for a point guard and that will be something he’ll need to improve upon … Needs to improve his passing skills, being a facilitator and develop less of a scoring focus … Only blocked 2 shots all season long, so could be more aggressive in that aspect of the game …

Notes: Name is "Romelo" though goes by "Melo" … Announced he will return for his sophomore year at Maryland … An extra year of college should enhance his chances to be a first rounder. … Lost in his first appearance in the NCAA Tournament against West Virginia, a college that he was invited to attend. Born and raised in Maryland, the Terps were a natural choice for him …

Bruno Baltazar 4/1/15

June 27, 2013 

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