11 - Bruce Brown

6-5, 195 Shooting Guard
Miami Sophomore
08/15/96 (25.4 yrs)
Boston, MA
High School
Vermont Academy
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Maurice Ager

Strengths: Has a good physical profile to be a smothering defender against guards in the NBA, standing about 6’5 in shoes along with a 6’9 wingspan … Is an above average athlete/leaper, who plays with some high energy and bounciness … Holds claim as the strongest guard at the NBA Draft combine this year, and he has a good frame with wiry strength … Pretty good defensive player, and his potential as a versatile perimeter defender is probably his best calling card as a prospect…Shows solid ball-handling and passing skills, and was effective as a pick and roll player while at Miami … Impressive and highly active rebounder for a guard, averaging 7 boards as a Soph…Has the skillset to make a dent in multiple facets of the game…A slasher, more effective the closer he is to the rim, and has the ability to finish above the rim through contact…Makes hustle plays and looks to get easy baskets when cutting without the ball, and is a backdoor lob threat…Has quick hands … Extremely fit with a sub 4% body fat and was second overall in bench press reps with 17 at the NBA Draft Combine …

Weaknesses: Had some key chinks in his armor coming back for his Sophomore season, which was ended prematurely due to a foot injury … It was critical for him to build on his just average shooting profile, and he made only 7 3-point field goals of 46 last season … Also struggled from the charity stripe, making only 62% of his free throws…Offensively, he has some rigid areas to his game…His shooting fundamentals are a work in progress, as he shoots a set shot with only mediocre touch and varying releases that lead to inconsistent or downright bad results…Not a big-time scoring threat…Defenses will allow him to shoot pull-up jumpers until he develops it to keep them honest…Relied heavily on his length and strength to get things done while at Miami, and while he has a nice physical profile, his skill level is not polished to operate well when that isn’t working…Likes to go right, and isn’t fully comfortable driving to his off hand … His touch around the rim when contested is just OK … Feel for the game needs improvement, and there are times when he disappears from games … Given his dropoff from his Freshman season, and his alarming shooting numbers this season, it is safe to call him inconsistent … Is older than your typical Sophomore, as he’ll be 22 (August) by the start of next season  … Probably rushed his decision to turn pro due to his age …

Overall: Sort of a forgotten man who some scouts felt could be a first rounder with a good sophomore year … Age and lack of production will cost him on draft day … Brown Jr has upside as a player who can defend either guard spot, and even some smaller SF’s … He is a good athlete with some nice physical attributes due to his length and body strength, and he is an active player who rebounds at a very good rate for a perimeter player … The outrageous dropoff in his shooting numbers are a discouraging problem though, as he was only a middling shooter the season before too (34 down to 26% from 3) … Add in his season-ending foot injury prematurely ending his season and the momentum he built as a prospect as a freshman had worsened … Still, considering he has a chance to carve a niche as a potential defense-first wing, it makes his chances of being selected in the draft and sticking greater  …

Notes: Measured: 6′ 3.5” barefoot, 6′ 5” in shoes, 194.6 in shoes, 6′ 9” wingspan, 8′ 2.5” standing reach, 3.75% body fat, 8.50 inch hand length at the 2018 NBA Draft Combine … Measured at 6’3, 187 lbs, with a 6’5 wingspan at the 2014 Nike Elite 100 … Measured 6’5’’ in shoes, with a 6’8’.5’ wingspan and 191 lbs at the 2015 Nike Basketball Academy …

Jorrye Nixon 6/20/18

December 22, 2013 

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