35 - Bonzie Colson

6-5, 225 Small Forward/Power Forward
Notre Dame Senior
01/12/96 (26.5 yrs)
New Bedford, MA
High School
St. Andrew's
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
84 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Luke Harangody

Strengths: Colson was a productive, matchup problem for a Notre Dame team that typically plays with the type of pace and spacing you’d see in the NBA … A cerebral player with a high skill level and all-around attributes, Colson is an undersized, overachieving combo forward in the mold of a PJ Tucker … An aggressive and physical player, who has the length (7 ft wingspan) and tenacity to defend players with much more size … Pretty strong … Outstanding rebounder for his size as well, displays great hands and definitely has a nose for the basketball … Has quick and nibble enough feet to take bigger players off the bounce when facing the rim…Makes hustle plays, and will compete and do the dirty work … Active, not the type to stand around with his arms out and his feet planted to the floor waiting for the ball…Adept at finding open spaces to cut to for baskets, shows the ability to be effective as a pick and roll scorer … Showed that he isn’t afraid to score around the rim or the high post, and owns a solid post game with some turnaround Js, up and unders and a quick jump hook … A unique type of scorer, if may not be glamorous every time, but he was a safe bet to get the job done offensively in college … Battle tested and experienced, had some good games against top competition throughout his career … Will be the type of player that home team fans love if he sticks on a roster

Comes with obvious size concerns, as a 6’5 225 combo forward whose game isn’t necessarily a safe bet to seamlessly translate … Though a versatile scoring threat in college, he will not likely be able to utilize his back to the basket post game nearly as frequently in the NBA at his size…Has some comfort making open jump shots, but he is not to be confused with a knockdown shooter … His ability to develop his shot and extend his range to the NBA line will be very important for him …Will force shots at times, not always a willing passer …Considering his size, it is imperative for him to be in proper position defensively against bigger players or he will be taking advantage of…Perimeter skills aren’t great right now … Will have to land in the right situation to establish himself in the NBA, but the positionless nature the current game makes his chances better … 2 injuries to the same foot that derailed his senior season are cause for concern, teams will have their eye on that

Overall: Colson is a 4 year player who grew and grew each season until 2 different foot injuries sabotaged both his Sr season and Notre Dame’s overall team play in 2017-2018…He offers intrigue as a mismatch scoring threat and rebounder as a combo forward, but his size does limit what he can contribute as a player and makes for a difficult transition to the NBA…His foot injuries that robbed him of much of this past season will need to be monitored closely, and are already a major concern for his draft stock…It has been proven over the years that undersized forwards can carve out a niche in the NBA, but you have to be able to defend multiple positions and buy into a set role for your team…Colson has what it takes to make a team, because he has been able to defend bigger players and he can contribute some scoring, but his road to the NBA will not be an easy one

Notes: Measured 6’4.5 (with shoes) 213 lbs with a 6’11.5 wingspan at the 2013 Kevin Durant Skills Academy …

Jorrye Nixon 6/21/18