2 - Ashton Hagans

6-3, 190 Point Guard
Kentucky Sophomore
07/08/99 (22.6 yrs)
Covington, GA
High School
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NBA Comparison: Patrick Beverly

Strengths: True point guard with good size, standing 6-3 with a 6-6 wingspan … Has a knack for getting steals, both on the ball and in the passing lanes … Also adept at sneaking up behind offensive players to poke balls free … A very willing passer who looks to drive and kick to create for teammates … Very quick at getting the ball up court, excelling in transition … While not a reliable shooter, his form is not broken, meaning he could develop into somebody that can hit open jumpers reliably … Is a very team oriented player that values team success and seeing his teammates succeed on the court … Skipped his senior season of high school to enroll at Kentucky, meaning even after a sophomore season there will be plenty of developmental years left … Does a good job of capitalizing off defenders’ mistakes and finding openings to get into the paint …

Weaknesses: Often unsure or unwilling to look for his own offense, sometimes to the detriment of his team, as opponents will play him only as a passer … Uncertainty on when to shoot can result in him missing looks he should make or forcing a pass that results in a turnover … Very turnover prone, recording three or more turnovers in 18 of 37 games as a freshman … Takes far too many jump shots while standing on the three point … Shoots a low percentage on jump shots, including 27.5% from three … Hasn’t shown the types of handles that will allow him to break down defenders in a one-on-one matchup, will often need help from a screener in that regard … While he is a dominant off-ball defender, he is far from a lockdown defender when matched up on the ball, primarily because he takes risks in order to create turnovers …

Outlook: Hagans is a defensive minded point guard that looks to force turnovers on defense while managing his team on the other end and finding openings for his teammates … In order to maximize his effectiveness at the next level he will have to become a better decision maker with the ball in his hands … While he can collect a bunch of assists, defenders often start playing for him only to pass and when he doesn’t adjust it results in a transition opportunity for the opponent … Becoming a more confident scorer would force the opponent to play him in a much more honest fashion, which could unleash his game … He is far from a finished product, and if he is able to become merely a competent and confident shooter he could find himself easily in the first round when he declares for the draft …

Eric Yearian 4/15/19

Strengths: 6’3 point guard … Good length … Solid athlete. Throws down dunks in traffic on occasions … Good quickness with the ball and has speed laterally … Good ballhandler. Can dribble and drive going left and right at a high speed … Sees the floor and passes well … Pushes the ball, leads in transition, and hits teammates in stride … Led the adidas Gauntlet in assists with seven per game in 2017 … Averaged 3.3 assists per game over the adidas Gauntlet in 2018. Led the NBPA Top 100 with 5.9 assists per game. Averaged 3.3 assists per game at adidas Nations … Good defender. Picks up the ballhandler full court. Defends with good intensity and consistently puts pressure on the ball. Jumps passing lanes … Led the adidas Gauntlet in steals with three per game in 2017. Led the NBPA Top 100 with 2.1 steals per game. Averaged one steal per game at adidas Nations … Draws fouls at a good rate. Shot seven free throws per game over the adidas Gauntlet in 2017 … Contributes without scoring … Good confidence, aggression, and competitiveness …

Weaknesses: Good speed and solid athlete but not incredibly explosive … Shooting is still a work in progress … Missed his only three-point attempt over three games at the adidas Gauntlet in 2017 … Missed his only three three-point attempts at the NBPA Top 100. Shot 11.8% from three at adidas Nations … Inconsistent as a free throw shooter. Shot 83.3% (15-18) from the free throw line at the NBPA Top 100 but only 66.7% at adidas Nations. Only shot 47.6% (10-21) from the free throw line over the adidas Gauntlet in 2017 and 70% (7-10) in 2018 … Good assist count but tends to hunt for opportunities … Can look for more scoring opportunities on drives, looks to dump off or kick to a shooter even when the defense is in place … Sometimes dribbles in place for a few seconds, waiting for a teammate to cut, rather than moving the ball to get the offense going … Doesn’t get much action when the ball isn’t in his hands. Spends a lot of possessions bringing the ball up, making a pass, then stands at the top of the key without any movement … Not a great finisher at the rim in traffic … Good on ball intensity but could tone down the gambling and reaching, ends up behind the action at times defensively … Can be turnover prone. Finished second at adidas Nations in turnovers with 3.3 per game. While he led the adidas Gauntlet in 2017 with seven assists per game, he also led in turnovers with eight per game. Also, 3.3 assists per game to 2.7 turnovers per game over the adidas Gauntlet in 2018 … Up and down performances with his scoring and shooting percentages: Averaged 10.7 points per game while shooting 37.9% from the floor over the adidas Gauntlet in 2017. Averaged 12.3 points per game while shooting 44.8% from the floor over the adidas Gauntlet in 2018. Averaged 5.6 points per game while shooting 60% from the floor at the NBPA Top 100. Averaged 8.7 points per game while shooting 33.3% from the floor at adidas Nations …

Kentucky freshman … Graduated early in order to enroll at Kentucky … 2017 Georgia Gatorade Player of the Year … Georgia Mr. Basketball …

Evan Tomes 8/24/18

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