TheGrindSession season is underway with the fifth annual Mustang Madness taking place. Although it didn’t have some of the star power provided in previous years, there were still top prospects in competitive matchups.

Terry Armstrong 6’5 170 SG – Bella Vista Prep 2019

Bella Vista Prep won all three games while being led behind Armstrong’s talent. He started off with 16 first half points against The Rock School but cooled off in the second to finish with 17. He gets good rotation on his shot but is more of a rhythm shooter, knocking down deep threes at times but also missing all three free throws on an occasion and not connecting on open shots. He showed impressive run and jump athleticism on back door oops and reads opportunities to crash offensive boards for tip slams. He could get more action off the ball, sometimes his half court offense consists of standing in the corner. He also showed good ball handling ability but can improve breaking down the defense off the dribble. Defensively, he got caught planting his feet and reaching resulting in fouls and getting beat a few times. However, it shouldn’t go unnoticed he recorded five steals in one of the games. Armstrong finished with 35 points and eight rebounds against Oldsmar Christian, going on a run late in the game getting transition layups and everything he wanted in the paint. He shot well in his final game against Victory Rock Prep scoring 23 points and grabbing five rebounds in the win.

Charles Bassey 6’10 230 PF/C – Aspire Academy 2019

Bassey showed great anticipation on defense, blocking jump shooters and taking the ball to the other end. He even picked the ball handler a few times. He led in transition on occasions and passed well on the move. His jump hook and post-game is still raw, but his strength and athleticism are hard for opponents to contain around the rim. He never fails to give full energy to maximize second chance opportunities and convert tip slams. He pops off the ground quick and attacks with aggression. Bassey finished with 24 points, 11 rebounds, and four blocks to beat Trinity International. He started out slow offensively against Hillcrest with only four points at halftime but ended with 12 points and 12 rebounds in the loss.

Ignas Brazdeikis 6’7 225 SF – Orangeville Prep 2018 (Michigan)

As expected, Brazdeikis filled up the scoring column, points coming from inside and out as well as from the free throw line. Despite having the ability to hit difficult shots, he could move the ball more, sometimes it’s predictable that he’s going to put up a contested shot. He never shied away from contact and attacked the middle of the floor to finish floaters with either hand. His 30 points and 13 rebounds helped Orangeville get the win over Hillcrest Prep, but his 41 points and 11 rebounds weren’t enough losing to Prolific Prep.

Kyree Walker 6’5 205 SG – Hillcrest Prep 2020 (Arizona State)

Walker had two impressive games. Sometimes he drives for contact instead of trying to convert the layup but for the most part, he played under control. As usual, he drew numerous fouls and made a lot of difficult shots. His body control at the rim is advanced and he glided in for multiple layups in the contested paint. His passing was impressive as well, finding the open man under the basket throughout the event. Walker finished with 17 points in the loss to Orangeville Prep. He followed up with 23 points, five rebounds, and seven assists to beat Aspire Academy.

Robert Woodard 6’6 225 SG – Columbus 2018 (Mississippi State)

Woodard got off to a slow start and quiet game overall with only four first half points. He struggled handling and finishing in traffic. In the few times I’ve seen Woodard, this was the best I had seen him distributing the ball, with no look lead passes. Physically he’s tough for players to matchup with but lacks offensive technique, only scoring 11 points in the loss to The Rock School.

Dekeyvan Tandy 6’1 175 PG – University Heights 2019

Tandy had an impressive 30-point and eight rebound game against Murray to close out Mustang Madness. He’s not only quick but changes speed well with the ball combined with good patience. He was in the driver’s seat the entire game, without forcing and letting it come to him. He penetrates well off the dribble and is fearless going to the rim. Although his shot could use more arc, he connected well from outside. University Heights pressed the entire game and Tandy jumped the pass at every opportunity to rack up the fast break points. Although only 6’1, he threw down multiple dunks with authority.


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