Jonathan Kuminga, a 6-foot-8 small forward who will turn 18 in October, is currently “50/50” on reclassifying to the 2021 class. He recently narrowed his list to five potential future destinations: Duke, Kentucky, Auburn, Texas Tech and the G-League. He is widely regarded as one of the top hoops prospects on the high school level. His combination of freakish athleticism and skill set is virtually unrivaled, and he is setting his sights on being the top pick in the 2021 (or 2022) NBA Draft. You made a name for yourself playing in some camps before your freshman year, were you surprised how quickly you rose to the top?

Kuminga: I was not surprised at all because I knew how hard I used to work and I was always ready for the big stage. Do you remember the first time you dunked at 10 feet and at what point did it hit you that playing basketball for a living was a real possibility?

Kuminga: My father used to be a good basketball player, My older brother and i started playing when we were really young, High school Senior Jalen Green recently announced that he will bypass college and go the G-League route. Is that a good idea in your opinion and would you consider doing the same? Is the NCAA dropping the ball right now, and should they re-evaluate their current system?

Kuminga: I am happy for him and wish him the best. And I think it depends on what is in the best interest for the player and his family as well. For now I don’t know what the future holds but why not? I don’t have any comment toward the NCAA but I think we all know that student athletes deserve more than what they get. Is being the #1 pick in the NBA draft, a goal of yours or something that you have put thought into?

Kuminga: Being the number one pick is one of my major goals and I know I will be the number one draft pick. I just continue to work hard and believe in myself. How has the lockdown / stay at home order affected your daily routine?

Kuminga: I think there are a lot limitations on my daily routine since the lockdown started but I’m enjoying this time with my family and time to myself. Did you miss seeing March Madness play out and a national champion being crowned?

Kuminga: Yes we all missed seeing the March Madness this year. When/If the NBA season finally plays out, who will win?

Kuminga: The Los Angeles Clippers. All time favorite NBA player?

Kuminga: Kobe Bryant What NBA players do you try to emulate or pattern your game after, and which players have you been compared to?

Kuminga: I emulate my game after Kawhi and Giannis. What is your current height and weight. And if you know it, what is your wingspan?

Kuminga: My current height is 6’8 and I weigh 225 lbs. I don’t know my exact wingspan but I know it is long. Describe your game to someone that has never seen you play?

Kuminga: I am a BEAST basketball player. For NBA front offices that are deciding whether to draft you in the future, what are they getting with Jonathan Kuminga? What sets you apart from your peers?

Kuminga: They will get a talented, hard working player, a leader and a great human being. That’s how I see myself. What aspects of your game are you focused on improving?

Kuminga: I wanna improve in all aspects of my game, pretty much everything. What are your interests off the court?

Kuminga: Off the court, I am interested in fashion, videos games and enjoying my time with my friends and family.

*Special thanks to Darnell “Tate” Johnson. 


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