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     I thought it’d be up by now?

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    I wish Aran would finally hire somebody who is even slightly competent to run a site. Or sell it and be a part-owner. 

    The site is quickly losing users and appeal. The updates are extremely seldom, most prospects still don’t have profiles and the way the profiles are made has not changed once in the past 7 years (although users have repeatedly suggested ways to improve the ratings system, for example). 

    The site is down 3-4 times a week, the create your mock and create your own player profile features have been disabled, we cannot embed videos anymore, the comparisons are often laughable, the articles often have large amounts of spelling mistakes. Remember we had stuff like Xbox giveaways and the third round draft that was made by top users for fun? We see other sites always trying something new, this one is just deteriorating.

    Still, it is not too late, the readership is still high enough to become good again, many will return, new people will come. This is still one of the best forums out there, but it’s getting worse and I’m already thinking where else I can turn to to discuss basketball.

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      On that note is anyone keen on creating a website similar to this but up to date and functional because I am pretty sure almost all of us would transition over. Scoutshonor (T-Rex, Arambone) might even join back!

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        I would certainly be part of the conversation. Not quite sure how I could help (I could probably moderate or write articles, perhaps help a bit with some money, though the ruble-to-dollar conversion rating is terrible right now). But if it happens, I’d like to be part of it.

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          Tammy M Garcia

          I would say Rose is a lock, and Paul, Dwight and Westbrook near-locks. Harden? Irving? Griffin? Love? Davis? Paul George and/or Steph Curry?

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     I’m sorry for the emotional post, I’m in Russia and it’s been cold for too long.

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     Traitors. This post is treason. Why don’t you just leave if you feel that way and never come back.


    Just kidding I actually feel the same way. Even the forum is dead nowadays to the point where the same topics just get brought up over and over again because each thread only gets 5-10 replies then gets buried and brought back up in a new thread a week or two later. I’ve always wondered why Aran doesn’t try to really push this website and make it profitable. I mean look at all the success Jonathan Givony has had with DraftExpress and to be honest that guy has to be the most bland unlike able guy in sports entertainment. He didn’t quite become a success due to his charisma but DX has all these features and content to the point where you need a day or two to go through all of it if you don’t check it for a few weeks. Even if could be a runner up to DX that would still be able to make some sort of coin.

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     I am creating a spreadsheet for the forum to put their mocks onto and stuff and I will post it on the forum when it is ready.

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    Yeah even most of the user-mods aren’t even around anymore, that was a step in the right direction, giving long time posters a bit of power. I don’t really understand why they can’t use a free website service that practically maintains itself, or even one that costs, they’re super cheap now days. Back when I used to do web design in the early 2000s it was a hotbed and new & fresh, we made tons of money because there wasn’t much competition, but now days everyone and their dog can make websites for cheap or free so it kind of killed the web design market. But that’s a good thing because Aran could easily hire someone to maintain this site for relatively cheap.

    I’ve posted so many suggestions over the years and they always go on deaf ears. I still plan to stay around, probably until it fully dies, I don’t use any other site and I’ve been here so long it’s become a daily routine for years to login and read some posts in the morning, I never post that much but I read almost everything. Will be a sad day when this site is gone, but like Anton said it’s still revivable at this point, but another year or so probably not.


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     It’s back, I wish it was like a week earlier though.

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