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    There is a little buzz going around the forum that if they win the Lottery LBJ comes and they get wall.

    Well lets break it down to what it means if the clippers really do win.

    -IT would be the first time in NBA history that a team has won back to back 1st overall picks

    – David Stern truely is accepting cash in order to revive dead franchises

    – They would have a better and more dynamic core then OKC thunder in Wall, Gordon , Griffin, Kaman

    – LAC now becomes LBJ’s 2nd choice to go in the FA market behind his childhood dream of living and playing in NYC.

    The only way Lebrons goes to LAC is if they get a top 2 pick, They dont need cousins, johnson, Monroe or any big man. LBJ goes if Turner or Wall is drafted. it would be to hard to pass up. a team he can grow with and mold to himself.

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