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    Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers

    These guys have all had memorable careers. Some are legends and hall of Famers. Suffice to say, when we think of these guys these probably won’t be the jerseys we think of them in:

    1. Allen Iverson-Memphis (2009)
    2. Rasheed Wallace- Atlanta (2004)
    3. Stephon Marbury- Boston (2009)
    4. Tracy mcgrady- San Antonio (2013)
    5. Carmelo Anthony-Houston (2018)
    6. Dennis Rodman-Lakers (1999) Mavericks (2000)
    7. Patrick Ewing- Orlando (2002)
    8. Bob Cousy- Cincinnati royals (1970)
    9. Hakeem Olajuwon- raptors (2001)
    10. Pete Maravich- Celtics (1980)
    11. Tim Hardaway- Indiana (2002)
    12. Shaq- Celtics (2011)

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    Seeing Legends in different uniforms was the Worst! Seeing Shaq & Dominique in Celtics green was sickening. Never got use to Jordan as a Wizard. Or Ewing in t
    hat Sonics uniform.

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    Remember when Rose played for Cleveland
    Ibaka for Orlando
    Bynum for the Sixers (oh wait)

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    Remember the time Allen Iverson played forDetroit? Yeah, I’m trying to forget it too…

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