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    Wiggins, Murray, SGA, Brandon Clarke, Barrett and Dillion Brooks.
    What is your order for the next 5 years? 1-6..

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    SGA – SGA has legitimate all-NBA potential and could be a 25/5/5 guy in his prime.
    Murray – After seeing him drop nearly 50 on Boston after wanting them to draft him, I’m convinced he can one day be among the league leaders in scoring in a few years.
    Clarke – Late bloomer who was hyper-efficient in the 20 or so minutes he played per game this year. Brings a lot of value in what he does.
    Wiggins – I don’t think Wiggins will really get any better than what he is right now. Although, I still think what he is now is better than what RJ could possibly be.
    Barrett – Not a huge RJ Barrett fan and playing in New York is definitely going to stunt his growth. Whether he reaches his potential or not is dependant on whether New York taps into his playmaking.
    Brooks – Brooks is definitely dead last in terms of potential out of this crowd.

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    1. Jamal Murray
    2. Shai Gilgeous Alexander
    3. Brandon Clarke
    4. Andrew Wiggins
    5. RJ Barrett
    6. Dillon Brooks

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    Shai Gilgeous Alexander. He is going to be a stud, and even fantasty wise, a first rounder in his prime. He is going to be a problem big time.

    Brandon Clarke: I know this is controversial, but the dude is already really good. I thought it was highway robbery to get him at 21 at the time. As soon as that pick was made, I thought it would be better than getting their pick this year. I think he would have been perfect in Phoenix at 6. I think he could make a few All-Star games in a few years. Not a Franchise piece but a really elite efficient player.

    Jamal Murray: He is the definition of an average point guard at this point, and I’m not entirely sure where he gets better from here. I don’t see him becoming and All-Star but a decent starting PG. Similar to Mike Conley.

    RJ Barrett: He is young, he has potential. He is also a ball handler too. If the Knicks start playing him as a facilitator then I could see a really decent player. If not I think he could be a role player on a good team.

    Andrew Wiggins: He is in Golden State and maybe they fix something but at this point he I think he is peaked. I think and Josh Jackson have a lot of similarities and its not in a good way.

    Dillon Brooks: I actually don’t think he is a starting caliber player. I think he could be an ok sixth man, but he doesn’t wow me at all and he is pretty ineffiecent. The better Memphis is going to be, the less he plays, and the more Ja/JJJ/Clarke combo plays.

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    Scrooge McDuck

    1. Brandon Clarke- (No idea). So I’ll say he has the most potential. PF/SF? He guards small forwards???
    2. Gilgeous-Alexander- He’s already very good.
    3. . Dillon Brooks- Hard worker, Could be a role player for years, or a long career as a good starter.
    4. Murray- I think his potential is maxed out. He’s overrated because of Denver’s offense and very high usage/green light.
    5. RJ Barrett- His potential is pretty much maxed out.
    6. Wiggins- Seems satisfied with the success he’s accomplished. maxed out his potential.

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    Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers

    1. SGA- I think he could develop into a perennial All-Star and franchise type player. The leap he has already made is extremely impressive and he still has a lot of room for improvement.
    2. Murray- I’ll put him at second here but I think he is a ways behind SGA in terms of future potential. I see him as a guy who can average close to 20 ppg for a long time. Maybe make an All-Star team or 2 if circumstances break right. Can he develop the rest of his game and become more consistent? He’ll need to if he wants to really break into the upper echelon level of guards.
    3. Clarke- I love his versatility on defense and activity level. I can see him being a solid starter in the league for a long time. I just question how much offensive potential he has and whether he can expand his range and offensive arsenal beyond being a guy that just basically scores off hustle plays and lobs.
    4. RJ Barrett- Hardest player on the list to rank for me because he is still so young and there is so much room for improvement. I see the very raw outline of a guy that could develop into a legit franchise player but he clearly has a lot of work to do to get there and who knows if he ever will. I’m being a bit conservative here until I see how he develops more.
    5. Wiggins- I haven’t completely given up on him but at this point we kind of know who he is and isn’t as a player. I think the move into more of a supporting role in Golden State could serve him well but I also think that any notion of him becoming the player he was projected to be has basically gone out the window at this point.
    6. Brooks- Brooks competes on defense and can give you instant offense off the bench. Occasionally he could get hot and give you a big scoring night. Solid player who should last in the league for awhile but I don’t think he’ll ever get much better than he is now. Probably best suited in a reserve role.

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    The one thing I have noted is the over valuing of Clarke. Yes, he was a rookie. But he actually is older than Murray, SGA and Barrett. When looking ahead, you definitely have to factor in age and that they should be able to improve.

    1. SGA- currently the best of the bunch and the second youngest, so still has lots of room to grow. Doesn’t just put up stats but also plays defense and contributes to a winning team.
    2. Barrett- The youngest of the bunch (next youngest is SGA by 2 years) who put up decent stats being the focal point on a very badly built Knicks team. As a young rookie and a dysfunctional team, it must be hard to put up stats when you’re the focal point of the other team’s defense and don’t have much help from your teammates. I expect him to get even better as he matures and hopefully gets surrounded by better teammates and coaches.
    3. Murray- is a good, starting quality point guard on a winning team so far in his career. Doesn’t have a lot of room for improvement, but if he stays on this path he will still be a good NBA player for the rest of his career. Never all-star level, but always starting level.
    4. Wiggins- Being the oldest on the list, he would seem to have the least room for improvement. But a change of scenery and hopefully a change in mindset could jump him up this list if he can tap into some of that potential. If he does that, he could easily jump to #1 on this list. But at his current projection, this is where he lands.
    5. Clarke- As I stated above, I feel like people have been over valuing him. Yes he was a rookie, but he is an older rookie (4 years older than fellow rookie Barrett). I see him being an energy big in the future without helping out on the offense end much. Could be a double-double guy in the future if he gets a bigger opportunity (stuck behind JJJ and Valanciunas right now).
    6. Brooks- Had a good year last year, but he’s oft injured and this will probably be his role for the rest of his career. Probably won’t evolve into anything more and won’t be a guy who is ever a focal point on a team or who can carry an offense. Good complimentary shooter on the wing though.

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