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    I am just going to say my thoughts on this. I will admit, I am a Jazz Fan, but I am taking an unbiased scene on things.

    Mitchell has a right at being mad at him. Gobert messing around with this stuff was uncalled for, and I was mad about it when I found out he did that, and that was before he was diagnosed too. However, Mitchell is a high character kid and that was a factor in why the Jazz traded up to go get him, I don’t even think the Jazz saw this coming from him this early. But anyway, they are both professionals and I feel confident they will get over it. And the interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report just continues to show that.

    And as for trade rumors. The one that has come out that the Jazz trade Mitchell to NYK for Barrett, Robinson, and a 1st is still a low ball. The Jazz are way too high on him to dump him for an unproven rookie who has some flaring weaknesses. I think the only (realistic) package would have to include Shai Gilgeous Alexander. (Like OKC would do that tho)

    And as for Gobert, most advanced stats show that Gobert is a top 10 most impactful player in the league. He doesn’t score and that doesn’t look nice to the NBA fan base, which is why he has gotten snubbed twice for the All-Star game and at least once for DPOY. (I get Draymond was good that year but he only won because he was in GSW). If the Jazz would trade anyone it would be Gobert, but whoever they get is a big downgrade. And even then, unless they get Bam Adebayo, or maybe Sabonis,, or John Collins (Don’t know why Atlanta would do that tho with Capela there), I don’t think they would consider it. I get he doesn’t shoot and doesn’t score, but his defense is that elite. If teams don’t value that then he will end up back in Utah on another deal, he is way too much of what makes the Jazz that good. Now, I know some people will look at the Drummond trade and say, there is no way a non-shooting bigman is worth that much, Drummond can rebound, score ok, but his defense is not there, and that is why Gobert would get some attention.

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    I really misspelled Potential. Man 0_0

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    I think this will blow over. It does not make sense for the Jazz to trade either Gobert or Mitchell. Both are trying to say the right things in public. If the Jazz should do anything it is trade Mike Conley before next season.

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    Scrooge McDuck

    This will be a unpopular opinion. mitchells attitude is more childish than Gobert. Donovan Mitchell is not high character. And his shoe game is childish

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