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    Such a shame. I hope he’s okay. This will very likely change the NBA’s plans. I dont think we are gonna get a season to be honest. Jokic has been working so hard during these past couple months transforming his body and noticeably lost at least 30 pounds. I hope he recovers fast I was really excited to see how he plays in shape.

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    NBA was ready for players to test for COVID it is not going to stop the plan to continue. The Suns also had 4 positive cases when they tested this week.

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    jokic is a top 15 player in the nba..this has to be a concern for others..trevor ariza has already announced he doesn’t intend to play in orlando…other players have until june 4th to make their intentions known..

    plus 2 phoenix suns players also tested positived..It hasnt been disclosed which 2 players…if the rest of the season is cancelled the league stands to lose 2 billion dollars….
    people catching the disease without showing any symptoms..folks staying inside more, constantly washing their hands ,standing 6 feet apart in public, yet some how still contract the disease…120,000 americans have died becuz of it….covid19 rates have decreased in other countries..but has spiked here in america…..I blame the p!ss poor leaders in our country for not being forthright with the public……….they were making it political.

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    Good to hear he’s asymptomatic, and of course I hope he gets through it with no problems.

    I wonder, for a professional athlete, what are the implications of even a temporary, 10 or 20 percent reduction in lung functioning? I might not even notice it, but how would it affect an NBA player?

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      I’m pretty sure those reports about permanent lung damage aren’t 100% accurate. From what I understand it varies on a case by case basis. Of course its impossible to know the longterm implications the virus has until the time passes.

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    Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers

    Malcolm Brogdon and Jabari Parker both recently tested positive as well. My guess is that we are going to see several more players test positive as the league begins to prepare to resume. There’s probably quite a few that had it and weren’t even aware of it.
    The good news is that the league is clearly taking every precaution possible not to contribute to the spread. While the virus is clearly not something to be taken lightly, I think its also important to remember that the vast majority of those who contract it will have mild to no symptoms at all. NBA players are definitely not in a demographic that would be considered high risk to develop serious symptoms (although there can always be exceptions). None of the athletes who have tested positive for it so far have developed serious symptoms (most have developed none at all) and all have recovered well. So, while there is always a certain amount of risk involved, I hope the NBA doesn’t overreact to this new wave of positive tests (which was probably inevitable) and decide to shut it down. While no one should be forced to play, the majority of players are well aware of the risks and still want to play.

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    Given that this is still a new virus, nobody can be certain of lasting impacts. That said, there have already been athletes who have contacted it and returned to seemingly normal. Paulo Dybala is a famous Argentine soccer player who plays for Juventus, the biggest soccer team in Italy. Back in April, he had symptoms and kept testing positive, meaning his system had not been healed of the virus, for six weeks (which is a warning for anyone to assume all players will test negatively in a week or two). He has just played three games in ten games. Back in March, Valencia CF, a soccer team in Spain, announced 35 percent of its players and staff tested positive. They have played three games in nine days. On the basketball side, former Georgia Bulldog and Clipper Trey Thompkins tested positive in Spain. He has played three times in the last five days for Real Madrid as the ACB got back going. We cannot be sure, but it is a good sign that there are guys who have gone through this, and seemingly returned to good enough health to play a lot of games in rapid succession.

    This week will see a lot of NBA guys test positive. Every league in the countries with widespread outbreaks have seen this happen. This is not a good thing per se, but identifying, isolating, and hopefully healing them before training camp and the bubble is helpful in ultimately having a successful return. The problem might be, however, that the NBA might need to do something along these lines for the 2020-21 season, and if getting all parties to agree to a plan for 8 regular season games and the playoffs has been tough I can only imagine how negotiating a full slate will go.

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    The greatest G.O.A.T

    Its so weird how so many star players are getting a lot of people to see them play in the playoffs and then suddenly they find out they have Covid.

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    I got it back in April. It was pretty bad, especially the first week. After that it very, very slowly got better day by day. I was able to continue working (from home) after 3 weeks. But it was a solid 6 weeks before the symptoms fully went away and I felt back to normal. So if I can recover back to normal I’d assume athletes can. Obviously each case is different, but still, these guys are in great shape.

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      That sucks sorry to hear that. Glad to hear your okay!

      What was it like for you? I heard some people go through hell while others feel no different at all? On a scale of sickness what would you compare it too, like a cold, flu, bronchitis etc.

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    I’d say in comparison to most I was in the middle, it wasn’t bad enough that I had to go to the hospital but it definitely kicked my ass for a solid 3 weeks.

    As far as comparing it, I’ve had flu various times in my life and this was significantly worse. It didn’t have the stomach issues that usually come with the flu but the aches and fevers were on another level. I’ve never had bronchitis that I’m aware of so I can’t compare it to that.

    My breathing issues were minor, I really only had problems if I laid down on my stomach or back in bed, then it’s like my breathing was cut off, but if I stayed on my side I was fine. Unfortunately I move a lot in my sleep so this caused me to wake up several times gasping for air. I didn’t sleep at all the first 6 or 7 days, but after that the breathing issues started subsiding and I was finally able to get some sleep, granted I’d still wake up several times but it was much better than no sleep.

    The body aches were almost non stop the first week or so then kind of went away. Twice I woke up with an intense burning sensation like my whole body was sunburned. I know your body gets kind of hot during fevers but I never had fevers like that before.

    The coughing was annoying, light dry coughs that would trigger almost anytime air hit my throat, so I had to do a lot of nose breathing, which is more natural anyways. But when talking for more than a few seconds or yawning I’d go into coughing fits.

    The only other issue I had, which apparently is a rare side affect was I completely lost my sense of smell and taste. Taste wasn’t so bad, just meant I could make basic ass meals because why go all out when you can’t taste it? However no smell was very odd, it’s something you don’t realize how much you use until it’s gone.

    All in all most my severe symptoms were gone in around 11 days. The breathing issues stopped around 2 weeks. My taste and smell came back around 3 weeks, but that pesky cough lasted a solid 6 weeks. I tested negative after 3 weeks, which means I was no longer contagious and allowed to go back to work. Even though I was still coughing like crazy.

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