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    First Off, Yay!

    Second off, I’m actually disgusted at this. What is this Pelicans schedule? They play Utah (without Bojan), the Clippers, Memphis, Sac,DC,SAS,SAC,ORL.
    Then they give Memphis one of the hardest schedules. It should make it close, but so obvious they just want them in the playoffs against the Lakers so they rig it. Sure, give Boston another lottery pick.

    I get they lost a lot of revenue and this would certainly help that, but Memphis would do a pretty good job with Ja and Jaren too. Sacramento, admittedly probably not but they could definitely make things interesting. No other team has a shot at those spots at this point. It stinks but it is true.

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    I will also say this though. New Orleans did have the easiest way in before the season got suspended. They did have the easiest schedule. I just feel it is too easy of a leeway in.

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    I’m wondering will the NBA select which media will be Allowed on the campus? Or will it be open to all media? And will broadcast teams be on campus or broadcast from a remote area?

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