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    I just wanted to say how funny things have turned in the Love-Wiggins trade.

    Back when it went down I was very annoyed as a Cavs fan as I wanted Cavs to keep Wiggins and didn’t buy into the story that Love would help bring the Championship to Cleveland. I know that was the thought of many many on here on the forum and in basketball circles.

    But now, more then 3 seasons on, things have turned out very differently. Cavs got their ‘Ship, and Kevin Love is curently averging 22/11 on .400 3% on his way to his all-star level play. While also delivering one of the more icon basetball plays “the stop” on Curry in game 7 of the NBA Finals.

    On the other side of things questions are now starting to be raised on Wiggins. Yes we know he can score the basketball, but he has somewhat undelivered in his 3rd season (due to the high expectations). His 3% has come back to earth from the hot start, is avergaing 22 points but not doing a lot of anything else. Quetions are being raised of his lack of playmaking ability, rebounding while also facing a few quetions over his perhaps overated defense coming out of college. I do remember lots of talk about him being a defensive stopper but has overwhelmed in this aspect.

    I am not trying to feed Wiggins to the wolves, he is only 21 and has the tools to become one of the better players in the league but thought it was interesting that the tables have definitely turned from when this trade went down 3 seasons ago.

    If any of you Wolves fans or guys who have watched the Wolves more then me I would love to here your views on Wiggins as I am mostly only raising questions on Wiggins.

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    Wiggins is going on his 7th season and is 24 now, and that trade happened like 5 years ago, so i’m a little lost here.

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    why did u wait 4 years to press send or submit?

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    this post would make sense 2 years ago– wiggins really improved this year and love has been in wiggin’s old spot.. we will see if in 2020-21 wiggins actually shows he can do more than score with the warriors.

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    Agreed, and Anthony Bennett too. He is only 19 and still has a lot of upside.

    Now I would like to discuss the Jimmy Butler for Zach LaVine trade. LaVine at 21 is still growing into his body. I forsee a slam dunk contest win in the near future. Butler on the other hand is going to win at least 2 championships with the Wolves prior to his 28th birthday. Mark my words. Great trade for the Wolves for sure. I love what their front office has been doing. No way are they going to be a bottom 5 team in like say 2020.

    Now in regards to Kevin Love I agree with everything you are saying. Without Lebron they would still be a top 10 team. Love is a great team leader and would never complain about his teammates. He also is going to shake this injury bug. He will probably play full seasons for the next few years.

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