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    Hi there. Gonna do my 8 team redraft auction, Hoop Dreams, on Yahoo in late August 2020. $100 for 8 players. Here’s the type of team I want:
    Zion Williamson $36
    Hassan Whiteside $22
    Ja Morant $21
    D’Angelo Russell $8
    Buddy Hield $3
    Andrew Wiggins $7

    What do you think? Thx.

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    I don’t think there is a chance you get Dlo that cheap. Thats too much for Whiteside as well. Nurkic is going to come back and even then, he Whiteside may not be on the team next year. That’s still cheap for Hield. The other problem is that Zion and Ja are so highly conveted that it might be difficult to get both of them at that price, bc people will look at the improvements that Young and Doncic did this year, and think they could do that too.

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    Hi there. A good option for Zion at PF might be Siakim. D.Graham could be good instead of Russell and i’d maybe pay $58 for Harden. Thx.

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    If it’s a standard draft, here goes:
    1)Trae Young
    2)Bradley Beal
    3)Hassan Whiteside
    4)Pascal Siakim
    5)Ja Morant
    6)Buddy Hield
    7)Andrew Wiggins
    8)James Wiseman

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