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    So if Warriors are not able to trade that pick for a “border line All-Star” and they had to keep that pick, this is what I would do:
    1. Trade down: it’s been said that Wiseman and A.Edwards are the players the Warriors want but i believe that neither of these 2 players are what they really need; wiseman could give the Warriors the defense they need but first of all this player looks inmature and this team needs a player to contribute right away and second, i don’t even think he’s the player they need. The game is evolving fast and big centers are not needed anymore, especially if they can’t shoot, sure the Warriors need to improve their defense if they want to contend next year but i don’t think that it has to come through a center but from a versatile player.

    In the other hand, A.Edwards looks great but again, he’s a scoring SG and the Warriors are loaded offensively and what they really need is a versatile player that gives them defense and that player is not Edwards, so the Warriors should trade down their pick with teams like ATL, PHO, CHO or SAS if any of these teams get a top10.
    2. Draft Precious Achiuwa: I think this player is the most versatile player in the draft and he’s the perfect player for GSW as he could give them everything they need. I think that PA won’t be selected in the top10 so if they trade down with any of the teams mentioned above they could also get another valuable player in return like T.Lyles or D.White from SAS, Monk or PJW from CHO, M.Bridges from PHO or D.Hunter/C.Reddish/Huerter from ATL.

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    It’s been reported that the Warriors wouldn’t take Ball or Wiseman in the top 5. Edwards is the one they want. I actually really don’t like Precious that much (could easily be wrong), but I find it hard to convince myself he is even a first rounder. Rumor has it that the Hawks aren’t sold on John Collins either so if i were the Warriors I’d trade the #1 pick for John Collins and Kevin Huerter just straight up. They could take Edwards (which is who they want), and then move Hunter to the 4, and then figure something else out. I don’t think Phoenix would want to move up, and they like Mikal. It’s Oubre they are trying to deal, and nearly did at the deadline. I think CHA will just stay were they are, because I could see someone falling into their laps. Derrick White is interesting though, I could maybe see it, but I think the Spurs could get more for him.

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    We don’t even know where GS or lottery teams are going to be drafting yet, but lets say they stay at #1 I would draft James Wiseman he is the best fit for their team as they need a 5 that can stretch the floor, rim run in transition, and defend at the rim.

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    I agree is he a good fit, it doesn’t make sense to me that they wouldn’t want him, but I’m not the Warriors. I think Okongwu fits them better and he’s more of a Warriors guy with their small ball shooting.

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    If the pick for Collins + Huerter is being discussed, that’s an absolute steal for the Warriors. Potentially it puts them right back in title contention.

    Assuming the vets come back healthy and hungry, they would have four, maybe five potential all-stars (Steph, Dray, Klay, Collins & Wiggins) plus a suddenly solid bench (Looney, Lee, Paschall, Huerter). Just sign a backup PG and they are good to go.

    On a paper it’s a better return on a #1 pick than when the Cavs traded for Love.

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    I mean in hindsight yes. At the time Wiggins was seen as the next LeBron and Bennett still had some value. It would launch the Warriors back into title contention, and Atlanta isn’t sold on Collins, or Huerter by the looks of it, so I think this would be an easy yes from both teams.

    I think GSW’s bench is overrated. Paschall, Looney, and Huerter would be good, but everyone else on that roster would be benchwarmers on another team.

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    The rumor or Collins and Heurter does not pass the sniff test. Collins has one more year on his rookie scale, and prior to covid was probably looking at an extension of no less than 2/3 of max. You can always debate the value of 20/10 on an awful team that just plays with pace, but numbers still help dictate terms. If that starts around $20 million per, why would Golden State want to make themselves more expensive? They paid Curry, Green, Thompson, took over Wiggins, and just paid more than $1 billion for a building that has been empty (and may very well be empty for another season). I can see the logic of the Warriors trading down, but I don’t see them dealing it to cost them more money.

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    They would want to get rid of Wiggins contract as well probably. Collins and Heurter for Wiggins and draft pick. Collins is going to get paid like Wiggins next year, you can’t afford Steph, Klay, Green, Wiggins, and Collins. That would be almost 160 million for your starting 5.

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    Scrooge McDuck

    They need Edwards. The proposals mentioned above are idiotic. Imagine him on the Warriors. He’s going to avg 20 ppg easy. In his first year. And he’ll be the # 1 pick regardless. He’s unguardable

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    Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers

    The warriors are obviously going to be heavily involved for their pick, regardless of where it lands. This is clearly a team that is trying to maximize the championship window of curry, Thompson, green before they age and decline. Any raw 19-20 year old isn’t really going to fit that timeline.
    However, if they can’t get acceptable value in return, I really think wiseman is the guy they should target. He instantly gives them the legitimate rim protector they have lacked since bogut. Does he necessarily fit their style of play? Not really. But he could easily find a role on the team right away and would be gradually afforded the opportunity to grow into a bigger role as the core ages. I don’t think any of the other likely top selections really makes a ton of sense for them. Maybe toppin but I would hesitate to take him top 5. If they keep the pick I don’t think they should overthink it too much. Wiseman fills a glaring hole on their roster as currently assembled.

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    warriors wont be trading the pick for a borderline allstar unless they trade one of their 4 big contracts. With curry, thompson, wiggins, and green they are allready over the cap. Their is a hard cap in basketball and they cant take on a 5th big contract.

    The only way they trade for a star is wiggins and the pick, or a second or third year player. They need help around their core in cheap contracts.

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    If they can get Edwards they take him and fit him in behind the Splash Brothers or play a 3 guard system. Allowing Steph in particular to mind his minutes makes sense. Wiseman would be the big they probably want. Toppin fits that bill and can be a K-Mart with a 3 point range type big. They’d feed him baskets and he could gobble up the rebounds plus he is NBA ready.

    Ball is a wildcard. His height could mean he might be able to be used as a point forward and guard SFs. Plus it gives them another creative player to spread the play.

    Outside of these 4 I think they look at Okongwu. A very athletic big who has a good FG and FT % and could do the defensive job for them. Otherwise they flip the pick for someone or a decent package.

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