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    There have not been many “Chosen Ones projects” in the history of the game, in fact only 2 players (máx.3) per decade clearly rise above the rest and have had a chance at claiming the scepter of the league.

    Every decade there’s a Crucial moment when a “Chosen One” has to challenge the “Reigning King” in order to Rule the League, but it has sometimes happened that when a “Chosen One Project” was ready to take the league over and claim the scepter from the King, they Failed, whether in the crucial Battle against the King or because they didn’t even got the chance to challenge him due to early failure … Some of those “Projects” would take longer paths until grabbing that Throne while others would never sit there. In the other hand, other “Projects” emerged Victorious from “The Battle” against the Reigning King but out of those, some Failed to sit long enough to build an Empire…

    This is the history (or a story) of the GOAT or the “Game Of A Throne” by the “Chosen Ones” or the “Projects” of Chosen Ones…

    You know when a “Chosen One” is ready to attempt at assaulting the Throne of the League as it usually happens the same pattern; “their talent” finally affects and impacts the game and therefore their team wins 60+ games (or close, or best RS record if less) and they also win the MVP that same season before making their run at the Throne.

    Every decade there’s usually 2 “Projects” that battle to claim the Throne of the league: The NBA really started when B.Russell entered the league, before it was just a bunch of white skinny players trying to play.
    . From 1949-1954 the league was dominated by G.Mikan, a 6’10 C who was just taller and bigger than the rest. Then in 1956 a black 6’10 C named Bill entered the league and everything changed. The game of Basketball and the “Game Of A Throne” or GOAT started.
    . In the 60’s it was Bill Russell and Will Chamberlain the only “2 Projects” that battled for the scepter even though there was other great players like J.West, Baylor or Big O.
    Like every Prince who aspire to be King, Russell had to dethrone the “reigning one” and that was Bob Petit at the time whom was clearly the best player until BR arrived, and it happened in the 1957 NBA Finals when these 2 teams met that B.Russell (as a rookie) took that challenge and became the 1st true King of the NBA.

    – Crucial GOAT 1 (1957): BOB PETIT VS BILL RUSSELL = KING RUSSELL Triumphs

    Bob Petit, the “dethrone one”, kept trying to regain his crown and his Hawks played 3 NBA Finals in the next 4 years against Russell’s BOS and even though B.Petit got in ’58 his Title against the Celtics that only happend because the New King got injured in those Finals (showing his immense impact if not playing), but after that season Bill Russell kept the Crown for 8 straight years building the 1st EMPIRE in the League.

    . Wilt Chamberlain entered the league in 1960 and if Russell was the 1st King, Wilt was the 1st “Chosen One Project”, but even though this Chosen One was assaulting the league with legendary numbers, these didn’t translate into real domination and wins and he wasn’t really a threat to the Throne. Chamberlain would have to change team in order to make his first attempt at the Crown which came in 1966. This year the “Great Wilt” finally affected the game and his PHI finished 1st in RS with 55 wins and Wilt was the MVP; he was finally ready to challenge the King.

    -Crucial GOAT 2 (1966): BILL RUSSELL VS WILT CHAMBERLAIN = “Chosen One Project” FAILS

    After that big failure in “The crucial showdown”, Wilt recomposed himself and came stronger next season finally breaking the 60wins wall and setting a new NBA record at 68 while being named MVP again and finally taking the Throne after beating Russell’s Celtics in the ECF. But after that great season and when it looked that he would now build his own Empire and attempt at the “GOAT”, Wilt couldn’t retain his Crown and Failed again big time the following 2 seasons against a very old BOS team, especially in the 1969 Finals where he was playing with the super Big 3 in LA and where Russell (in his last season) gave a defensive master class leaving Chamberlain with 11’7ppg (while also exerting as Coach), burying his chances of being the King of this Game Of A Throne…

    With this Battle ends this Game Of A Throne in the 60’s. Next the GOAT Battle in the 70’s…

    *Reigning King of GOAT: BILL RUSSELL

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    That was an enjoyable read….
    While Russell and Wilt Battled for Supremacy in the 60s…..Kareem has to be the Undisputed GOAT of the 70s….I think he has the biggest gap between his dominance and the next dominate player…Kareem was da man in the 70s!!!!
    5 MVPs
    9 Time All Star
    Rookie of the Year
    2 Time scoring champ 71 & 72…
    rebounding champ 76
    3 time block leader 75,76 & 79
    8 time defensive team
    6 time all first team
    finals MVP 71

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