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    So I just finished my draft with my friends yesterda yan dmy roster looks like this…
    PG – Billups
    SG – J. Johnson
    G – Andre Iggy
    SF – LeBron
    PF – B. Lopez
    F – D. Lee
    C – Boozer
    C – Kevin Love
    Uti – Andre Miller
    Uti – Eric Gordon
    Bench – Rip
    Bench – B. Jennings
    Bench – Tyrus Thomas
    (This is on Yahoo by the way)
    I was wondering, should I stick with the roster the whole way through or I have a trade offer of LeBron James and Chauncey Billups for Deron Williams and Dirk Nowitzki…What do you all think? Should I pass on it? I’m a big fan of D-Will…

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    Naw id keep who u have, i love deron williams hes my second fav play but in jerry sloans offense and the ppl surrounding him h will never put up his full number capabilities

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    See if you can’t get Williams for Billups and Lee.

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    Dude wants ‘Bron…

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    You’re going to need more blocks regardless of whether this is Head to head or Roti. BTW, if it is H2H, you’re pretty well off right now because even though you’ll lose blocks every week, that’s only like one of 10 categories. That’s fine. DO NOT do the trade for D will and Dirk cuz even though you’ll get a few more blocks and D Will gives you less injury scares, D-will averages like one three a game while Chauncey averages 2 like every year. And on this team, you’re going to need more blocks to be able to finish near the top of the League. LeBron averages the same number of blocks as Drik, I’m pretty sure, so, your team isn’t really getting any better because you can find people who average 1. something blocks at PF pretty easily, while anything more than 1 Blocks at SF is rare. You might say…. wait, Dirk can shoot threes at the PF, isn’t that something? Well, this year, there’s going to be at least around 3 to 4 Big men who score more than 1 three a game, making it way less rare than before. Also, look at your team, you don’t need threes.

    Just my two cents.

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