Evan Mobley is a 6’11 bigman prospect out of Rancho Christian high school in Temecula, California.  He’s a highly skilled bigman who fits today’s NBA game with his ability to face the basket and knock down shots, along with his tremendous length, agility and athleticism. Mobley has yet to make a college decision, but there’s a lot of speculation that he will ultimately opt to join his father assistant coach, Eric Mobley and brother Isaiah Mobley at Souther Cal. We got the chance to catch up with him over the weekend at Ty Lofton & Christian PoPoola’s “E.A.T BIG MEN SKILLS CLINIC” in Las Vegas between 11/9 and 11/11, to get to know him a little better.

NBADraft.net: You are currently attending the E.A.T BIG MEN SKILLS CLINIC in Las Vegas. Talk a little bit about the event. How has it been so far. What do you hope to get out of the event?

Evan Mobley: I hope to get better at this camp and to learn new things from the coaches here.

NBADraft.net: You participated in the USA Junior Minicamp in early October in Colorado Springs, how did that go?

Evan Mobley: I felt like it went really well that camp got me out of my comfort zone which made me challenge myself to get better.

NBADraft.net: Where do you see yourself among the top prospects in high school? Who has been your toughest competition as a bigman?

Evan Mobley: I don’t really like to compare myself to other people in my class I just want to try and get better everyday and see where that takes me.

NBADraft.net: Is reclassifying and becoming a senior and attending college next year a possibility?

Evan Mobley: I don’t think I am going to do that I think I am going to just stay this course that I am on now.

NBADraft.net: You are widely considered one of the top bigmen prospects on the high school level. That being said, what area of your game do you feel needs the most improvement?

Evan Mobley: I still need to get stronger so I can impose my will in the paint and I am working on my wing skills as of right now.

NBADraft.net: You’ve been described as a great kid who at times can carry that onto the floor and could use a little more of a nastiness. Is that a fair assessment, or maybe something that’s been overblown?

Evan Mobley: No I like the way how I play now, it keeps the emotions out of it and keeps my head clear so when it is an important situation I am focused and not distracted,

NBADraft.net: Who is your biggest role model?

Evan Mobley: My biggest role models are probably my parents because they always want the best for me and will do whatever it takes to make me happy.

NBADraft.net: Which NBA players do you look up to, or try to pattern your game after?

Evan Mobley: I try to cater my game to Giannis, KD, and Anthony Davis because I feel like those are the players that I am most similar to.

NBADraft.net: What kind of stuff do you like to do off the court?

Evan Mobley:  I like to listen to a lot of music when I’m not playing and also I like to dance a little bit.

Special thanks to Christian "PoP" Popoola
@chrispopoola for helping put the interview together. "PoP" (and Ty Lofton’s) next camp will be E.A.T BIG MEN PRO SKILLS CLINIC on August 9th-11th in Las Vegas, NV. @eatBBallCamps, and will include a dozen nba/oversees bigs mentoring.


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  1. Great kid very humble and

     Great kid very humble and comes from a great family.  Looking forward to see where his basketball path takes him the sky is the limit with his skill set.

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