By Simon Dresden

Studs / Rising

The stud of the week honors go to Danilo Gallinari. He was really on shooting the ball going 7/11 from the field for 20 points against Cibona and even though he wasn’t as productive as usual in the other categories, it was enough to plant his stock at the top of the list.

Milos Teodosic got a surprising start for Olympiacos and his outstanding production from start to finish earned him 30+ minutes. He exploded for 8 points, 7 boards and 4 assists which makes him the highest stock riser for this week.

Marc-Antoine Pellin gets the award for consistency. Every week he performs to the maximum of his abilities. He plays heavy starter minutes, scores a little, dishes with the best of them and even gets an amazing share of boards considering his size. He is a terror on defense and if one combines that with the consistency that he presents at this young age. His stock continues to rise.

Oguz Savas also is a picture of consistency producing in every game in points and rebounds, this time he maximized his 20 minutes for stellar 12 points going 5/6 from close distance and six boards. Consistency is what makes or breaks a young player.

Semih Erden is locking himself in the stud ranking since he again earned himself a start and was productive as usual in his 18 minutes. He got 6 boards and consistency in production seems to be his trademark this season.

Omri Casspi has finally arrived in the stud ranking. In the blowout loss of Maccabi to Unicaja he had 7 points on stellar shooting and 3 boards to go along in 16 high quality minutes for him. Displaying the
combination of skills that make him such a coveted talent. This is the way to earn yourself some more playing time and prove to your coach you can compete on this level

For a fourth consecutive time Tim Ohlbrecht upped his minutes played, this time 22, got 6 boards and scored on a nice put back dunk. Seems his game is well suited for the Euroleague. His stock is slowly on the rise.

Gasper Vidmar this week got the playing time needed and proved that his coach can count on him registering 8 points and 2 boards. His stock is going up and down depending on his playing time but when he gets it, he is proving he can produce.

Okay / Even

It had to happen sometime considering how stellar Nikola Pekovic had played so far. Teams have him on the radar and it will be hard for him to surprise other defenses from now on. Real was perfectly prepared for him and got him into foul trouble throughout the game and somewhat exposing his defensive limitations. That not only limited his playing time (26 minutes) but also his production, that was a mere 6 points on only 2/6 shooting and only 4 boards. This is a steep decline from what we have come to expect from him, but as mentioned it had to happen and now we will see how he responds to that. We give him the benefit of the doubt and his stock stay even.

Nicolas Batum had an off day against Efes Pilsen going 1/9 from the field for just 4 points and 3 boards. Considering he had 20+ minutes and his usual all around performances it is not what one could expect from one of Europe’s hottest prospects but he is still very young and so we have to grant him some fluctuation in his performances as well.

Milenko Tepic also shot poorly going 1/8 from the field for just 2 points, which could have been more damaging had it not been for his 7 board 3 assist and only 1 turnover in heavy 25 minutes.

Pietro Aradori earned his 12 minutes with 5 points, 2 boards and a dime. His stock could be the hidden gem in this weeks ranking.

Sergio Llull was decent since he had 3 points on free throws but also 3 turnover sin 7 minutes for Real Madrid, considering all the preseason hype he draw just over a month ago, it is okay but not more.

Martynas Gecevicius stock is on a decline right now, he suffered a decline in playing time and so did his chances to score. Since he can’t do much more on this level other than shoot, its had for him to get PT.

Jan Mocnik got just 2 minutes of late game garbage minutes, which has to be considered okay considering he made it on the floor at all.

Donatas Montiejunas this time drew a DNP-CD, considering his stellar debut last week it is kind of disappointing to not see him at least get a shot, especially considering his team won big.

Andrey Vorotsevic got a 2 minute stint in CSKA win over Olympiacos which is not a big thing to talk about in the first place but considering that super talents Alexey Shved and Artem Zabelin drew DNP-CDs in the same game, it’s something. One has to think about how far off they are from playing on this level of competition right now if Coach Messina even lets unheralded Vorotsevic pick off the garbage minutes instead of them.

Michal Chylinski saw the floor for about a minute of garbage time, can’t expect very much more right now.

Antoine Diot this time didn’t even see the floor, there has been a steady decline in his stock recently.

Jeremy Leloup drew a DNP, as did Mateo da Ross, Mustapha Diop, Raphael Wilson, and Karsten Tadda.

Duds / Falling

Uros Tripkovic had only 1 point and was 0/5 from the field. For a guy that will make his future living off making jumpshots that is disappointing.

Mantas Kalnietis stock is on steady decline this time his coach didn’t even give him the chance to make a impact on the floor. A very disappointing season so far for this young stud, who showed so much promise.

Emir Preldzic drew a DNP-CD and this seems to be the future for him until Fenerbahce loans him to another club.

Albert Moncasi again drew a DNP-CD, okay it was a game against another powerhouse but it was over after the third quarter. His stock is falling.


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