By Simon Dresden

Studs / Rising

Danilo Gallinari tops our ranking this week as his stud production helped his team stay close with powerhouse Maccabi for most of the game. His shot was falling and his positioning on the court allowed him to shine bright. His overall production was in normal ranks with 4 boards, 2 dimes and 3 steals. This is what makes GMs and scouts drool, so young and so talented to play with the really big ones. Great showing.

Semih Erden had a big night against powerhouse Panathinaikos. 15 points and 5 boards in just 23+ minutes are great, to do this against this kind of competition makes it even more impressive. Erden is steadily improving his draft stock and is taking full advantage of the playing time that’s been awarded to him.

Nikola Pekovic got 14 points and 7 boards but most of them came in the waning minutes of a big loss at the hands of underdog Bamberg. Pekovic was constantly bullied and double teamed and his frustration over it caused him to lose his cool. He threw some elbows which put him into foul trouble throughout. He got a monster facial by Ohlbrecht that he didnt like and drew a T because of it. In front of the NBA scouts attending he had a poor showing, but his stats told a diferent story.

We totally missed out on Goran Dragic the first weeks and thanks to some readers we will keep him on the radar from now on. 13 points 4 assists, 5 steals, robust numbers from the field, what a game he has had before fouling out.

Gasper Vidmar is turning himself as a legit player. His 9 boards and 6 boards, even in a blowout loss are worth taking a close look at.

Marc-Antoine Pellin barely stays in the top ranking because he had only 3 points but dished out 7 dimes and his minutes are still good at 20+.

Okay / Even

Tim Ohlbrecht got back from his illness. He didnt produce big numbers but he had the highlights of the game day. First he rejected superstud Pekovic and used this confidence builder to soar for an impressive monster alley oop that displayed his immense athletism on the other side. 2 points and 5 boards to go with 2 blocks in 13+ minutes.

Pablo Aguilar even made the court for Real as the game was so out of hand early and he proved he should earn some respect from his coach in the future, maximising his 2 and half minutes for 4 points and 2 boards while going perfect from the field.

Sergio Llull used the blowout win of Real for some production as he went for 3 points 2 boards and 2 assists in 13 minutes of exposure, this is good for his confidence and maybe he can carry over some momentum into next week.

Milos Teodosic is slowly coming back to earth after some impressive performances the weeks before. Just 9 minutes this time around and no real production worth mentioning.

Emir Preldzic is back in the rotation that is nice to see after all the rumours about him being shipped out of town, solid performance to go along.

Jan Mocnik was decent with 9 minutes and 2 points.

Pietro Aradori got 6 minutes in a close game and even managed 2 points, he seems to be doing something right in the eyes of his coach.

Omri Casspi got just 4 minutes and had 2 points, but his team won. Maybe it would have been a good idea for his coach to match him with fellow 88er Gallinari on defence, since he knows him from so many junior contests. It’s possible he would have had more luck defending him.

Anatoly Kashirov makes our list for the first time and while he managed just 2 points they came in big fashion slamming the ball over a defender for an and one. He missed the FT but the play flashed some potential.

Andrey Vorotsevic again was the first youngster out and even managed to stay on the court for 8 minutes. Icing on the cake he scored on a three, his stock is slowly rising.

Artem Zabelin even cracked the rotation this week, as CSKA uses a platoon approach to compensate for the absence of center Sacrasenko, 2 points and a rebound aren’t bad for a start. Alexey Shved didn’t make it onto the floor.

Mantas Kalnietis got out of the cellar of duds with 6 minutes of playing time. Okay it was a blowout loss but it has to feel good to be back out there playing a little.

Oguz Savas is in a valley right now. He managed only 4 boards and was 0/4 from the field. His 12+ minutes earn him an okay but his recent stock is pointing south.

Jeremy Leloup got 6 minutes of exposure because the game was so out of hand, nice opportunity for the young fella to shake off some jitters.

Michal Chlynski got a minute in a close game which is a good sign, since his coach seems to at least show some confidence in him not messing up.

Martynas Gecevicius only got off the bench this time for a few seconds which is sad for him since he has had steady decline in his PT. We give him the benefit of the doubt and let him stay in okay

Donatas Montiejunas wasn’t on the rooster this week and his team added another veteran American center, all in all not so good signs for the youngster.

Duds / Falling

Nicolas Batum seems to be in a funk right now. Considering his toolset and the playing time he receives, people have to come to expect more production from him. Yeah he is young and he produces okay in all categories, but for a player that is blessed with so much talent and has flashed so much potential it’s just not enough.

Uros Tripkovic was 1/9 from the field and 1/7 from three-point-land in between, concerning for a guy who makes his living off making jumpshots.

Milenko Tepic went scoreless in 18+ minutes and had a real poor showing, we have come to expect so much more from this young stud.

Antoine Diot had 7 minutes of PT and all he did was turn the ball over three times, that is not enough even in a blowout loss.

Albert Moncasi and DNP is starting to become synonymous.


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