The CrossRoads Elite Invitational featured players from the 2020 and 2021 high school classes. Some of the past participants in the event include Michael Porter, Kevin Knox, John Petty, Kris Wilkes, Bol Bol, among others. Here are a few of this year’s standouts.

Jalen Johnson 6’6 170 PG – 2020

Johnson was the best player and probably the best prospect at the camp. He has good size and an effortless one foot leaper, allowing him to get whatever he wanted at will. His jump shot was streaky, sometimes missing by a wide margin, other times hitting difficult shots while making them look effortless. He displayed solid court vision and knew how to draw the help defense to get his shooters open and find the cutter. He could’ve put more effort getting into a stance and defending but he was more interested baiting his man to shoot so he could block the shot, also getting chase down and help side blocks. Johnson took many rebounds from end to end and showed good slashing ability in the half court as well.

Ryan Conway 6’0 150 SG – 2021

Conway was one of the top guards in the camp with his advanced ball handling allowing him to get where he wanted at will. He’s shifty, changes speeds with hesitations, and controls his defender. He shot well from outside and midrange with a lot of rotation and only a little bit of space. His shooting kept the defense tense, ready to leave their feet. He showed quickness and ability to score in a variety of ways, getting to the rim to hit shots at various angles and finishing through contact. Conway was the best one on one scorer in the camp. He could’ve moved the ball more but scored almost at will in isolation.

MarJon Beauchamp 6’4 160 PG/SG – 2020

Beauchamp has a lot of potential with long arms, good athleticism, and ability to score from outside and get to the rim. He showed a smooth shooting stroke from both three and midrange. With his versatility and instincts, it’s easy to see him developing into a big-time scorer down the road.

Isaiah Jackson 6’7 PF – 2020

Jackson has the tools to be a two-way threat and has big time potential. He’s got a Nerlens Noel type build with skinny legs and probably close to a 7’0 wingspan. His impressive athleticism and motor constantly impacted the game. He showed good touch from midrange and on his floater, also reliable finishing ability anywhere in the paint. One way he can improve is his lateral quickness and using hands too much on defense. Unfortunately, a Michigan state rule prevented him from playing in the camp all-star game but obviously belonged toward the top of the list.

Davion Bradford 6’11 215 C – 2020

Bradford has good size at 6’11 and a strong base. He’s not an explosive athlete but scored around the rim with solid footwork and using either hand. He did all his work inside and no other participant was strong enough to force him out of position. Bradford seems to know his role on both ends and still has room to improve as his skillset is still in a raw stage.

Ethan Morton 6’5 175 PG – 2020

Nobody at the camp played harder than Morton. He brought it literally every play; showing passion, hustle, and competitiveness while constantly talking on both ends. He displayed good court vision and spacing on offense, making lead passes and finding cutters. He’s a solid athlete, not the most explosive but used his jab step efficiently and had no problem creating space. Much of Morton’s points came off his midrange pull up. He knocked down some from outside always squared up and releasing with good shot rotation.

Brandon Boston 6’6 160 SG – 2020

Boston has good size and length on the wing. He’s has good creativity and shift with the ball, making plays off the dribble. He excelled when penetrating and showed some shooting from outside although his shot release is a bit low. He’s a solid athlete, finishing with dunks when getting to the rim. He shows potential as a defender with his size, length, and ability to move so well. Boston has very good upside and could be a multidimensional weapon as he physically matures.

Che Evans 6’6 190 SG – 2020

Evans showed some advanced ball handling and ability to score from everywhere on the floor. He’s a good athlete and finished plays above the rim. He has a pretty good feel for the game but his intensity seemed to come and go at times. Evans is one of the more well-known players in 2020, making an impression early in his prep career.

Carter Whitt 6’1 150 PG – 2021

Whitt put the team on his back and led them to win the championship. He was the best ball handler in the camp; breaking the press by himself and splitting the defense at will. He’s a deceptive athlete with creativity to score in a variety of ways. He shot well from outside and midrange but his shot could use more rotation. Whitt’s court vision and passing were among the best in the camp. He was often underestimated by opponents but his crafty style of play and high IQ made him stand out against players with better physical attributes.

Chet Holmgren 6’8 150 SG/SF – 2021

Most of Holmgren’s damage came from catch and shoot situations. He may have been the best shooter in the camp; with proper form, quick release, and no wasted motion. He’s very skinny in both the upper and lower body, while expected at his size and age, he doesn’t have a big frame that looks to add a tremendous amount of strength when he physically matures.


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