The class of 2020 and 2021 represented this year’s Nike Elite 100. With talent at each position, here’s a rundown of some of the top prspects.

Jonathan Kuminga 6’6.75 208.6, 6’8 wingspan SF/PF – 2021

Kuminga has been the best 2021 prospect that I’ve seen so far. He’s very athletic and finishes oops well above the rim with ease. He shows a lot of versatility, playing and guarding a few different positions. When matched up with big men, he made them pay when they failed to step out on the perimeter, showing his improved jump shot. He can shake the defense with his dribble and does a fair job of breaking down the defense. He served as his team’s ballhandler in spurts and also passed the ball well.

Greg Brown 6’7.5 190.4, 6’10 wingspan SF/PF – 2020

Brown’s a big-time athlete with great defensive potential. He did the best job defending Brandon Boston and might have been the most versatile defender at the camp. Although he didn’t show much of it, he improved his jump shot since last summer and has some potential to face up. I would like to see him be more involved with the offense, as he can fade out at times, but that tends to happen in camp settings.

Nimari Burnett 6’2.5 186.8, 6’6 wingspan PG – 2020

Burnett was one of the best shooters in the camp and made the defense pay on numerous occasions after he was left open. He played well on and off the ball, meshing with whoever he was on the floor with. He had a few takes to the rim and showed his ability to drive and kick to the open man. I’ve seen Burnett play in a few different settings and he’s always been able to play his game with whoever he’s teamed with.

Josh Christopher 6’3 201, 6’7.5 wingspan SG – 2020

Christopher was one of the best scorers as he can score in bunches and gets to the rim with aggressive drives. He’s a good athlete with a strong body and consistently plays hard. He showed he can score against some of the best, but his jumper is inconsistent as he doesn’t always look squared up, sometimes he makes difficult shots look easy and other times he misses open knockdown opportunities.

Noah Collier 6’6.5 197.4, 6’7.5 wingspan SF – 2020

Collier has good size and athleticism with an aggressive game. He got to the rim and hit difficult shots with great body control. His athleticism translates well into the game on both ends as he can finish in traffic, rebound, and block/contest shots. He’s reactive on defense with good hands to close out and contest jump shots on the perimeter. I didn’t see too much jump shooting from him, but his form looked good in his few attempts.

Brandon Boston 6’5 165 SG – 2020

In my opinion, Boston had the best camp. He was great in transition, as a leader and finisher, and the game has noticeably slowed down for him. He has a good variety to his game and reacts to what the defense gives him. His outside shooting was on point and he displayed NBA range on a few of them. Boston got what he wanted on offense, scoring from everywhere on the floor and showed a variety of different finishes at the rim using either hand and different angles.

Cade Cunningham 6’5.75 212.8, 6’11.5 wingspan SF/PF – 2020

Cunningham has good strength and physicality, not to mention athleticism, which he knows how to use in both the open floor and in the half court. He was able to get into the paint at a high rate and passed the ball very well. He connected well from three and his jump shot looked improved since last year. Cunningham’s all-around game positions him as one of the best of 2020.

Jalen Johnson 6’7.5 208.2, 6’10 wingspan PG/SG – 2020

Johnson might have been the best passer in the camp. He’s able to display it both in transition and in the half court. Along with his basketball IQ, his size and athleticism add to his intrigue. He does need to improve his jump shot as defenders started to sag off him and waited for him to make a move. He also missed three big free throws at the end of one of the games.

Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe 6’5.25 193.6, 6’11 wingspan SF – 2020

Moncrieffe’s game continues to improve. He’s a very good athlete and had a few drives that made the defense get out of the way to keep from getting dunked on as they couldn’t contest. He has a good body and finished through contact on numerous plays. Unfortunately, playing in Canada will keep him off some site’s rankings but he’s proven to be a high-level prospect.

Kareem Reid 6’7 216.2, 7’2.5 wingspan PF – 2020

Reid had an impressive camp with his mobility, athleticism, and versatility. He cleaned up around he basket, converting offensive boards into points and stayed active on both ends. He showed some range and a nice stroke knocking down shots from outside. He’s got some ability to put the ball on the floor and had some nice drives to the basket, attacking and finishing with aggression above the rim.

Isaiah Jackson 6’7.75 178.2, 7’0.5 wingspan PF – 2020

Jackson’s another high-level athlete and defender. He was on the finishing end of numerous oops, catching some that looked out of his reach. He plays hard and is an active rebounder. He does a good job of blocking and contesting shots without fouling. His ball skills are still in development, but he has good tools to work with.

Mady Sissoko 6’7 203, 7’0.5 wingspan PF/C – 2020

Sissoko’s a raw prospect with a good motor, defensive potential, and good strength. He consistently ran the floor and finished everything in the paint with a dunk. He uses his size to his advantage and isn’t afraid to play physical.

Zion Harmon 5’10 171.8, 5’11 wingspan PG – 2021

Harmon hit some contested jumpers but missed a few knockdown opportunities he usually connects on. Most of the teams ran two point guards at the same time which forced Harmon off the ball more than he’s used to, which limits his effectivity to a degree. When he had the ball he avoided traps, broke the defense, and made some impressive passing. Harmon has an advanced understanding of the game and thinks a step ahead of the rest.

Jaden Hardy 6’3.5 180.4, 6’8.5 wingspan SG – 2021

Hardy’s a big-time scorer, currently averaging 15.1 points per game on the Nike EYBL 17U. He has a nice pull-up off the dribble, has good range, and just needs a little bit of space to get it off. He can freeze the defense using an array of behind the back and between the legs dribbles to go into his jumper. His ballhandling and jump shot keeps the defense tense and opens up his opportunities to get to the rim.

Terrence Clarke 6’5.5 183.5, 6’9.5 wingspan SG – 2021

Clarke is one of the more talented prospects in the 2021 class, though he is a year older than the rest of his class. He displayed his athleticism throughout the event and is instinctive off the dribble, with good slashing ability. His jump shooting is inconsistent right now as he’s more on the streaky side, but he knows how to create for himself and made some impressive passes.

Franck Kepnang 6’9.75 224.4, 7’4 wingspan C – 2021

Kepnang’s another physically superior and naturally athletic big man. His 7’4 wingspan jumps off the page. He excelled blocking shots and protecting the paint. He has a high motor and secured rebounds with both hands. He isn’t incredibly skilled on the offensive end yet, as most of his points came from simple catch and finishes but he was effective each time he stepped on the court.

John Butler 6’10.5 165.8, 7’0 wingspan PF/C – 2021

Butler is an interesting prospect. He didn’t play as much as some of the others, but my eyes were glued to him each time he checked in. He’s incredibly skinny, literally weighing at least 100 pounds less than some participants, and his jersey was almost sliding down his narrow shoulders. On top of his size and length, he’s got a nice looking shot, not just in drills but he connected well in games showing good pick and pop potential. His range extended out to the three and he put the ball on the floor at times, showing to be effective shooting off the dribble. Defensively, he doesn’t have great anticipation or quick feet yet and isn’t keeping opponents out of the paint but with proper development and understanding of positioning, Butler’s got some potential moving forward.


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