By Borko Popic

Day 4-April 12, 2008

Game 9- 7th Place Game

Cherry, Bekaert & Holland 94 – Holiday Inn Portsmouth 80

In the toilet-bowl game, CB&H were finally able to get into the win column. Being down by 6, they caught fire in the second half, and cruised to an easy victory against the winless Holiday Inn Portsmouth team.

Cherry, Bakaert & Hollan

Charron Fisher 27pts, 7rebs

For the 2nd game in a row Fisher showed his nice scoring touch, although he did struggle to shoot the ball from long distance, and did not look too keen on giving it up to his teammates.

Jajuan Smith 17pts, 10rebs, 7assists, 3steals

Once again showing his ability to contribute in all aspects of the game, due to numerous team injuries he was forced to play almost the whole way, yet he showed no trouble of doing so.

Derrick Low 12pts, 6rebs, 5assists

Showed some glimpses of the game that we have seen from him throughout his career at Washington St. Unfortunately it may be a case of too little too late for Low, who has struggled throughout the week, and may find himself left out of the Orlando Predraft Camp.

Holiday Inn Portsmouth

Will Thomas 21pts, 5rebs

A nice final performance to cap of a decent week. Thomas, with his nice length shows a good ability of finishing around the basket with some decent moves.

Demetric Bennett 11pts, 9rebs, 3assists

Very steady player, that rarely goes out of his element to force anything. He has a very quick 1st step and has shown a nice ability to knock down shots.

Game 10- 5th Place Game

Sales System 97 – Norfolk Sports Club 93

A very exciting game that went back and forth throughout, it was only appropriate that it ended in overtime. Sales System looked more aggressive in the extra period, attacking the hoop, and eventually coming out with a win.

Sales System

Jiri Hubalek 17pts, 6rebs

Once again showed his nice touch from the outside, but little of anything else, as all of his field goals came from beyond the arc. He did have 6 rebounds, but did not show the activity from the first day where he was a monster on the offensive glass.

Justin Hawkins 20pts, 5rebs

A nice combination of size and skill, he was able to put together a couple nice games after a very shaky start. Has a decent looking shot, but is much more comfortable getting his points inside the arc

Ramel Bradley 14pts, 8rebs, 4assists

Had a bad shooting day, going 2-12 from the field, but once again showed that he is very aggressive as he finished 11-12 from the foul line.

Norfolk Sports Club

Chris Lofton 25pts, 6rebs

Continued his hot shooting from the previous day, connecting on a number of highly contested shots and while shooting of the dribble.

Jonathan Wallace 7pts, 8assists

Didn’t really find his groove all week, but finished off with a decent performance. He is a very unselfish player that shows nice creativity distributing the ball.

Game 11- 3rd Place Game

K&D Round’s Landscaping 82 – Norfolk Naval Shipyard 81

Another very closely contested game that went down the wire, K&D were able to overcome their terrible shooting night by getting to the line and shooting a good percentage.

K&D Round’s Landscaping

Kentrell Gransberry 13pts, 14rebs, 5stls, 2blocks

Coming on strongly to finish the week, Gransberry showed that he can do a lot more than just score, even get into the passing lanes and disrupt the other teams offense. He showed how tough he can be to match up with when he makes up his mind by going for an impressive 9 offensive rebounds.

Mike Green 16pts, 5rebs

Decent scoring game for Green, he didn’t shoot the ball particularly well, but was able to get to the line and finish 6-6 from the stripe. He only had one assist, which is definitely a concern for a PG that played 25 minutes.

Folarin Campbell 13pts, 6rebs, 5assists

Continues to play well, showing off his smooth jumper and ability to shoot from long range. He is able to use his strong body and nice leaping ability to finish well around the hoop.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Deron Washington 21pts, 5rebs, 2blocks

Showed that he can play through injury, and ended up putting together a nice game. He connected on 4-5 from long range, showing that he is able to do more than just be a one dimensional high flyer on the break.

Gary Forbes 5pts, 13assists,

Seems like he took this game as an opportunity to prove everyone wrong about the selfish label that he has received. Did not look to shoot very much, and was completely focused on setting teammates up, only downside is that he finished with five turnovers.

Tidewater Sealants 103 – Portsmouth Sports Club 80

The Tidewater Sealants team showed signs of being very good from day one because of their willingness and ability to share the ball. In this one, they were simply too much for the Portsmouth Sports Club, putting the game out of contention very early on.

Tide Water Sealants

Jamar Butler 18pts, 5assists

For the 2nd game in a row, caught fire very quickly, and because of his hot shooting, his team was able to put the game away very early.

Shaun Pruitt 18pts, 12rebs

Has been one of the bigger disappointments this week, but was finally able to put one game together that was half decent. From day one he showed that he was out of shape, calling for a sub about 2 minutes into the first game, which immediately showed that he was not ready to play.

Josh Duncan 15pts, 9rebs, 3assists

Exactly what we came to expect from the steady Duncan. Is it any question that he was on the championship team?

Portsmouth Sports Club

Reggie Williams 22pts, 3assists

Put on another scoring display, even more impressive was the fact that he did it in only 21 minutes of play. Going 3-5 from three in this game, and 8-13 for the tournament, he finished the week shooting the highest percentage in camp from long range.

Kyle Hines 16pts, 7rebs, 3blocks

The ever active Hines continued to put up nice numbers across all categories, and was even more impressive with his shooting efficiency, finishing 8-9 from the field in this game.


Coaches : Martin Oliver & Larry Ward

Brian Butch 6-11 245 PF/C Wisconsin Sr.
Patrick Ewing Jr. 6-8 238 SF Georgetown Sr.
Charron Fisher 6-4 230 SF Niagara Sr.
David Gomez 6-7 235 SF/PF Tulane Sr.
Parfait Bitee 6-2 190 PG Rhode Island Sr.
Joe Crawford 6-4 205 SG Kentucky Sr.
Derrick Low 6-1 186 PG Wash. St. Sr.
Jajuan Smith 6-2 195 PG Tennessee Sr.

Coaches : Dave Trickler & Eric Acra

Gavin Grant 6-8 208 SF NC State Sr.
Anthony King 6-9 242 PF Miami Sr.
Charles Rhodes 6-8 240 PF Miss.St. Sr.
Will Thomas 6-7 230 PF George Mason Sr.
Demetric Bennett 6-4 210 SG South Alabama Sr.
Alex Harris 6-6 185 SG UCSB Sr.
Bo McCalebb 6-0 180 PG New Orleans Sr.
Brian Roberts 6-2 180 PG Dayton Sr.

Coaches : Jim Markey & Larry Smith

Longar Longar 6-11 232 C Oklahoma Sr.
Kentrell Gransberry 6-9 270 PF So.Fla Sr.
Rob Kurz 6-8 235 SF/PF Notre Dame Sr.
Arizona Reid 6-5 205 SG High Point Sr.
Folarin Campbell 6-4 205 SG George Mason Sr.
Sundiata Gaines 6-1 210 PG Georgia Sr.
Mike Green 6-1 184 PG Butler Sr.
Cliff Hammonds 6-3 200 SG Clemson Sr.

Coaches : Billy Mann & John Kelly

Frank Elegar 6-9 230 PF Drexel Sr.
Bryant Dunston 6-8 233 PF Fordham Sr.
Deron Washington 6-7 205 SG/SF VT Sr.
Adrian Banks 6-3 190 SG Arkansas State Sr.
Gary Forbes 6-7 220 SG UMass Sr.
AJ Graves 6-1 160 PG Butler Sr.
Anthony Morrow 6-5 205 SG G.Tech Sr.
Jason Richards 6-2 190 PG Davidson Sr.

Coaches : Mike Head & Mark Butts

Steven Hill 7-0 250 Arkansas Sr.
Dwayne Curtis 6-8 280 PF Mississippi Sr.
Dion Dowell 6-6 195 SG/SF Houston Sr.
Jonte Flowers 6-5 185 Winona State Sr.
Drew Lavender 5-7 153 PG Xavier Sr.
Chris Lofton 6-2 200 SG Tennessee Sr.
Quan Prowell 6-8 215 SF/PF Auburn Sr.
Jonathan Wallace 6-1 180 PG G’town Sr.

Coaches : Tony Holloway & P.J. Honore

Chris Daniels 7-0 260 C Texas A&M CC Sr.
Kyle Hines 6-6 240 PF UNC Greensboro Sr.
Haminn Quaintance 6-8 220 PF Kent State Sr.
Mykal Riley 6-6 180 SG Alabama Sr.
Reggie Williams 6-6 185 SG VMI Sr.
Jaycee Carroll 6-2 175 SG Utah St. Sr.
Dominique Kirk 6-3 185 PG/SG Texas A&M Sr.
Rob McKiver 6-3 195 PG/SG Houston Sr.

Coaches : Leo Anthony & Mac Carroll

Jiri Habalek 6-11 225 PF/C Iowa St. Sr.
Justin Hawkins 6-7 205 SF N.Mex.St.Sr.
Othello Hunter 6-9 225 PF Ohio St. Sr.
Brian Laing 6-5 215 SG Seton Hall Sr.
Williams Leon 6-8 255 Ohio PF Sr.
Ramel Bradley 6-1 179 PG Kentucky Sr.
Stanley Burrell 6-2 205 PG/SG Xavier Sr.
Marcus Hall 6-1 190 PG Colorado Sr.

Coaches : Max Gillespie & Jerry Hasty

Shaun Pruitt 6-10 255 C Illinois Sr.
Pat Calathes 6-10 220 SF St.Jospeh’s Sr.
Joseph Jones 6-9 250 PF Texas A&M Sr.
Mark Tyndale 6-5 210 SG Temple Sr.
Aaron Bruce 6-2 180 PG Baylor Sr.
Jamar Butler 6-0 180 PG Ohio St.
Josh Duncan 6-9 230 PF Xavier Sr.
Martin Zeno 6-5 208 SG Texas Tech Sr.


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