By Borko Popic

Day 2-April 10, 2008

Game 3- Consolation Game

Sales System 92 – Holiday Inn-Portsmouth 84

The early game of the day allowed for a second chance to see some of the players from last night. A poor shooting performance by both teams, Sales System took the early lead, and had no troubles closing the game out.

Sales System

Ramel Bradley 22pts, 6ast, 5stls

Again showed that he has a great knack for scoring. He was able to get to the hoop both in the half court and in transition. Has great open court speed, but at the same time is never out of control. His ability to turn the corner is making him a tough matchup. He is proving to be a decent floor general by making good reads with minimal mistakes.

Bo McCalebb 6pts, 3rebs, 3ast, 3 stls

His speed and explosiveness are unparalleled at the camp. However, he is looking like a very one dimensional player offensively, where he is only really effective on the break or when he is attacking 1-on-1. He struggles when the action slows down and he is forced to make decisions in the half court. The fact that his shot is such a weakness, allows the defense to completely sag, crowding the paint and taking away the passing lanes. Where McCalebb continues to impress is on the defensive end. He is so quick and aggressive that it is very difficult for other players to have a chance of getting by him. An interesting matchup was when he and Bradley went at each other, where they both raised their intensity and neither backed down.

Notes: Othello Hunter continues to play very well, again displaying his great athleticism and activeness finishing with 18pts, 10rebs, and 3blocks. Jiri Hubalek showed that his performance yesterday was an anomaly, going for a human like 9pts today. He tries to do too much by attempting to put the ball on the floor and trying to be a playmaker, instead he should keep it simple and just catch & shoot where he has proven to be very effective.

Game 4

Portsmouth Sports Club 101 – Cherry, Bekaert & Holland 88

Portsmouth SC put together the best team performance so far, sharing the ball and shooting remarkably well, and proving to be too much for CB&H to handle.

Portsmouth Sports Club

Reggie Williams 22pts, 6ast, 4rebs

Finally getting a chance to play with and against worthy competition, Williams didn’t disappoint. He showed his great vision by making numerous passes to teammates for easy baskets. Proved he can shoot with range, catching fire in the 2nd half and finishing 4 for 5 from beyond three. His trademark midrange game was on display with a variety of nice floaters, and he even finished a couple plays strong, with nice dunks in traffic. The downside for him was on the defensive end, where for the first time in a while he was in a man to man setting. He had trouble staying in front of guys who aren’t of the greatest quickness, and part of the problem is because he bites on shot-fakes too easily. While he definitely needs to prove that he can at least contain the man he’s guarding, his offensive game is something that will continue to draw attention.

Mykal Riley 15pts, 4ast, 3rebs

Had a solid game, and more so in the first half where he showcased his versatility. His game is very smooth, and his jumpshot is impressive as he converted on long range shots as well as nice pullups. Defensively, he posed some problems because of his length and aggressiveness.

Kyle Hines 11pts, 5rebs, 4blks, 3 stls

Possesses a finely chiselled body with some athleticism and length to boost. Had a complete game on both ends, worked hard and was very active in passing lanes and on the boards. His leaping ability was on full display with a nice putback, and also showcased when he had a couple spectacular blocks.

Cherry, Bekaert & Holland

Joe Crawford 19pts, 2assist, 2rebs

Showed a fairly complete offensive skill set. Answered some questions in regards to inconsistency with his jump shot by going 2 for 3 from three, and also converting on a couple other nice pullups. However, he is at his best when attacking the basket, his strength and athleticism allow him to finish very effectively against the help defense. Overall, he had a good game, and is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Patrick Ewing Jr. 12pts, 11rebs, 4blocks, 2steals

An all around decent game, showing his great athleticism with a couple thunderous dunks, and some big time blocks. Even though he did knock down a three, his shot is still a weakness. He is a player that is stuck between positions; other than a hook shot that came after a whistle, his post game was completely nonexistent, and his perimeter game is also limited because of inadequate handles and questionable quickness. His intrigue is based on his athleticism, and by continuing to be active and working hard he will only help himself.

Game 5

K&D Round’s Landscaping 90 – Norfolk Sports Club 78

A fairly well played game, both teams moved the ball which always makes the game more interesting to watch. Difference in this one was K&D’s ability to get to the line and their good shooting percentage.

K&D Round’s Landscaping

Folarin Campbell 15pts, 3rebs, 2assists, 2steals, 1 block

A very surprising performance by the last minute addition. Showed nice athleticism, and was very effective attacking the basket where he had a variety of strong and acrobatic finishes. His jumpshot looks very smooth, he gets nice elevation and is able to hit it from deep. His strong body not only helps him offensively, but it also allows him to body people on the defensive end, taking them out of their comfort zone.

Mike Green 13pts, 10assists, 8rebs

With a near triple double he showed his steady and complete game. While he did make some nice plays with his passing, he gambles way too much and throws some wild passes. He hit a few shots and also got to the line, but didn’t answer any questions regarding his first step and athleticism. In college he was able to score by outmuscling guys, but now, his lack of explosiveness is definitely a weakness that comes to the forefront.

Kentrell Gransberry 10pts, 7rebs, 3steals

One of the strongest players in camp, yet his performance definitely didn’t showcase it. Only had one solid post move, where he showed a glimpse of the power that he possesses. Displayed some nice skills in the mid-post where he can face up and put the ball on the floor. He needs to become more aggressive and demand the ball more, because his physicality makes him very difficult to match up with.

Norfolk Sports Club

Drew Lavender 10pts, 6assists, 3rebs

Displayed great point guard skills throughout the game. Was constantly looking to make plays, and never really forced anything or got out of control. Made some nice passes through traffic that didn’t end up assists because his teammates couldn’t convert. Scoring wise he got it done with a variety of shots, going from long range, finishing at the hoop, or laying soft teardrops over the defense. His size is definitely an issue, but he more than makes up for it with his quickness and strength; numerous times people tried to post him up, but were pushed out because of his strong body and low center of gravity. Unfortunately more has been made of his recent marijuana arrest than of his impressive play.

Jonte Flowers 10pts, 7rebs, 4assists, 2steals

The DII product showed that he belongs at the camp, getting it done in all facets of the game. His energy and nose for the ball allow him to make plays on both ends of the floor. Offensively he did a little bit of everything, showing a nice midrange jumper, by going to the hoop strong and even taking advantage of a mismatch in the post. Defensively he is very good because he anticipates extremely well and uses his length to bother the man he is guarding. He was somewhat of an unknown coming into the camp, but has shown some potential to keep an eye on.


Coaches : Martin Oliver & Larry Ward

Brian Butch 6-11 245 PF/C Wisconsin Sr.
Patrick Ewing Jr. 6-8 238 SF Georgetown Sr.
Charron Fisher 6-4 230 SF Niagara Sr.
David Gomez 6-7 235 SF/PF Tulane Sr.
Parfait Bitee 6-2 190 PG Rhode Island Sr.
Joe Crawford 6-4 205 SG Kentucky Sr.
Derrick Low 6-1 186 PG Wash. St. Sr.
Jajuan Smith 6-2 195 PG Tennessee Sr.

Coaches : Dave Trickler & Eric Acra

Gavin Grant 6-8 208 SF NC State Sr.
Anthony King 6-9 242 PF Miami Sr.
Charles Rhodes 6-8 240 PF Miss.St. Sr.
Will Thomas 6-7 230 PF George Mason Sr.
Demetric Bennett 6-4 210 SG South Alabama Sr.
Alex Harris 6-6 185 SG UCSB Sr.
Bo McCalebb 6-0 180 PG New Orleans Sr.
Brian Roberts 6-2 180 PG Dayton Sr.

Coaches : Jim Markey & Larry Smith

Longar Longar 6-11 232 C Oklahoma Sr.
Kentrell Gransberry 6-9 270 PF So.Fla Sr. 
Rob Kurz 6-8 235 SF/PF Notre Dame Sr.
Arizona Reid 6-5 205 SG High Point Sr.
Folarin Campbell 6-4 205 SG George Mason Sr.
Sundiata Gaines 6-1 210 PG Georgia Sr.
Mike Green 6-1 184 PG Butler Sr.
Cliff Hammonds 6-3 200 SG Clemson Sr.

Coaches : Billy Mann & John Kelly

Frank Elegar 6-9 230 PF Drexel Sr.
Bryant Dunston 6-8 233 PF Fordham Sr.
Deron Washington 6-7 205 SG/SF VT Sr.
Adrian Banks 6-3 190 SG Arkansas State Sr.
Gary Forbes 6-7 220 SG UMass Sr.
AJ Graves 6-1 160 PG Butler Sr.
Anthony Morrow 6-5 205 SG G.Tech Sr.
Jason Richards 6-2 190 PG Davidson Sr.

Coaches : Mike Head & Mark Butts

Steven Hill 7-0 250 Arkansas Sr.
Dwayne Curtis 6-8 280 PF Mississippi Sr.
Dion Dowell 6-6 195 SG/SF Houston Sr.
Jonte Flowers 6-5 185 Winona State Sr.
Drew Lavender 5-7 153 PG Xavier Sr.
Chris Lofton 6-2 200 SG Tennessee Sr.
Quan Prowell 6-8 215 SF/PF Auburn Sr.
Jonathan Wallace 6-1 180 PG G’town Sr.

Coaches : Tony Holloway & P.J. Honore

Chris Daniels 7-0 260 C Texas A&M CC Sr.
Kyle Hines 6-6 240 PF UNC Greensboro Sr.
Haminn Quaintance 6-8 220 PF Kent State Sr.
Mykal Riley 6-6 180 SG Alabama Sr.
Reggie Williams 6-6 185 SG VMI Sr.
Jaycee Carroll 6-2 175 SG Utah St. Sr.
Dominique Kirk 6-3 185 PG/SG Texas A&M Sr.
Rob McKiver 6-3 195 PG/SG Houston Sr.

Coaches : Leo Anthony & Mac Carroll

Jiri Habalek 6-11 225 PF/C Iowa St. Sr.
Justin Hawkins 6-7 205 SF N.Mex.St.Sr.
Othello Hunter 6-9 225 PF Ohio St. Sr.
Brian Laing 6-5 215 SG Seton Hall Sr.
Williams Leon 6-8 255 Ohio PF Sr.
Ramel Bradley 6-1 179 PG Kentucky Sr.
Stanley Burrell 6-2 205 PG/SG Xavier Sr.
Marcus Hall 6-1 190 PG Colorado Sr.

Coaches : Max Gillespie & Jerry Hasty

Shaun Pruitt 6-10 255 C Illinois Sr.
Pat Calathes 6-10 220 SF St.Jospeh’s Sr.
Joseph Jones 6-9 250 PF Texas A&M Sr.
Mark Tyndale 6-5 210 SG Temple Sr.
Aaron Bruce 6-2 180 PG Baylor Sr.
Jamar Butler 6-0 180 PG Ohio St.
Josh Duncan 6-9 230 PF Xavier Sr.
Martin Zeno 6-5 208 SG Texas Tech Sr.


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