44 - Omer Yurtseven

7-0, 275 Center
Georgetown Junior
06/18/98 (23.6 yrs)
Taskent, Uzbekistan
High School
Fenerbahce Ulker
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills

NBA Comparison: Raef LaFrentz

Strengths: Even though his numbers in college don’t necessarily show it, Yurtseven’s biggest strength is his versatility on offense …  He’s a threat to score from virtually anywhere on the floor is extremely talented from 10-18 feet …  He’s got great length and an ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc in addition to his mid-range capabilities … He didn’t shoot very many three’s at the college level but he has shown overseas and in multiple workouts that he can do just that …  He has a smooth stroke and good mechanics on his jumper and is a good rebounder when he wants to be and when he is engaged, particularly on the offensive glass … He already has some pro experience under his belt which will serve him well if he were to be drafted and remain on a roster during his first season …

Weaknesses: For all of the talk of Yurtseven’s ability to score the basketball, he lacks any true post moves and the ability to provide much as it pertains to post scoring, at least he did at NC State this season …  He’s more of a finesse player as opposed to a guy who is going to bang down low …  He is easily moved off of his spots by most defenders and he doesn’t really get good position down low during post ups … He tends to shy away from most contact on both sides of the ball and was routinely taken advantage of on the defensive glass … After sitting out the first nine games of NC State’s season, Yurtseven looked lost a times on the floor and aside from one or two games, never seemed to get any rhythm going … Athleticism could be a concern for him as well as the next level as he doesn’t grade out with the athleticism of some of his peers (John Collins, Bam Adebayo, Ivan Rabb, Harry Giles, etc) … He struggled at the combine with his lane agility and overall vertical …

Overall: A 91 point, 28 rebound game overseas in 2016 really allowed Yurtseven to burst onto the scene as a potential NBA prospect … He played sparingly in Europe for Fenerbahçe and decided to come to the States to play in the NCAA … A shortened season with the Wolfpack did little to help Yurtseven’s stock as he didn’t come close to putting up the numbers that most thought he would after his time in the Euroleague … His 5.9 points and 4.4 rebound numbers in limited minutes for NC State were far from eye popping but he did showcase his ability to score anywhere on the court … Euro scouts love him and his game as it fits well overseas but so do some NBA scouts who feel that his height, length and smooth stroke make him a great fit for the new age NBA center …  He currently projects as a late first to early second round pick and it could be a year or two before he actually plays in the NBA as he could be a nice overseas stash for a team that would pay big dividends if he continues to fill out his frame, get stronger and become a better low post player.

Clayton Crowe 5/16/2017

Strengths: Has a well rounded set of attributes, with touch, intensity and length to be a defensive factor … He has soft hands which makes him a good finisher … His post game is polished for such a young player …  He shows the ability to use both hands around the basket … His favorite move is going over his right shoulder … Combine his soft touch with very good footwork, and he becomes a handful for defenders … He goes hard for rebounds, understanding positioning and has exceptional anticipation … In his short career, he has played against some very physical guys but has acquitted ahimself … He is a mobile center with quick feet … He is very useful in PnR with great feel … He is a good mid range shooter and very good three point shooter for this position … He is showing that he is not just a pick and roll player, but also effective in pick and pop … He doesn’t have perfect shooting mechanics, however he hits at a very good percentage. 2 years ago, those three point shot wasn’t a part of his repertoire … He has been showing great improvement with his consistency … Having the ability to score from inside and out gives him an excellent base for such a young player … Has an advanced basketball IQ … His experience level is very high for a young player … Good composure. Understands how to deal with double teams well … His main priority is not himself but the team system. Very composed for 17. He doesn’t lose focus or down on himself when things aren’t going his way …  Good athlete with solid leaping ability … On the defense side, his IQ stands out … He rarely responds to fakes. Defensive positioning is high level …  He is very useful in defending screens thanks to his quick feet … Also shows good rim protection potential due to his long arms and leaping …

Weaknesses: He is still skinny, although he’s gained good strength since last season. He has improved his body, but still needs to add some muscle to his body … On the senior level, he struggles to hold position against the athletic and physical opponents … His lack of strength casuses problems with balance and finishing through contact … The most important variable in his development will be his body and putting on the right amount of strength without inhibiting any of his speed and mobility …  Even though he is always seeking the right passing channels, due to the lack of vision and anticipation, he doesn’t always succeed at giving good passes … His passes can be a little bit lazy. He is slow to react to teammates on cuts … In practice he shows better comfort level, but it hasn;t translated to games thus far … Not a reliable free throw shooter at this point … He is roughly a 50% free throw shooter at this point, so practice and repition will be important …

Outlook:  He is definitely NBA material. He can play both PF and C … High level rebounding, shooting skills and basketball IQ are his main skills … He should continue to develop his weaknesses in order to realize his unique talent … In the Turkish basketball league and Euroleague, there’s no one receiving the same significant minutes at his age … This  is a very important season for him under Obradovic’s wings … Will be eligible to declare for the 2017 draft …

Notes: 17 year old Ömer Faruk Yurtseven, standing at 6’11’’the center is one of the top prospects in Europe. He has been part of Turkish U-16 and U-18 teams … He had 3 great youth tournaments where he dominated the painted area … In 2013, he averaged 3.8 PPG, 4.2 RPG … After this year, he improved his stats by finishing the tournament with 15.1 PPG and 8.1 RPG … In the latest tournament, he was in the shadow of another high profile prospect Korkmaz, he averaged 9.8 PPG, 8.7 RPG … When everyone had just started to mumble about his performance since the expectations were much higher than what he had shown, he has managed to leap  forward … He is currently playing for Fenerbahçe which had couple of preparation games with NBA teams. Yurtseven got very significant minutes against Nets and Thunders during this tour from legendary coach Obradovic … Unexpectedly, he has begun to receive minutes in Turkish league (The top level of European basketball along with Spanish League) and Euroleague where he has shown his quality so far …

Merih Sorkut 12/2/15

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