3 - Joshua Obiesie

6-6, 195 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Germany International
05/23/00 (21.7 yrs)
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NBA Comparison: Shake Milton

Strengths: Athletic combo guard with considerable upside … Above average athlete, who can hold his ground on both ends of the floor … Excellent size for a guard … Versatile player, who can play all perimeter positions… Not afraid of the challenge, he can go against anybody … Great feel for the game … Has high basketball I.Q and things come natural to him … Plays with instinct and has the ability to see plays before they happen… Has the ability to change speeds and direction with ease … Looks comfortable playing on and off the ball… Solid ball handler for a guy with his size … Excels in transition as the ball handler and also off the ball … Good shooting mechanics when his feet are set … Has shown promise as a spot up shooter … Can shoot of the dribble if he is given some space … He can play the Pick and Roll at a very good level … Good slasher … He likes to attack the paint and isn’t afraid of contact … When he gets the ball while being on the move and has a flying start, he can be a real threat in half court situations, because he takes quick decisions … Draws fouls due to playing style… Very good passer in any situation, plays with his head up all the time … Nice court vision, most of the time he can see above his defender thanks to his size … Has a pass-first mentality and looks like he enjoys make his teammates happy … Can already make some one hand passes with his dominant (left) hand, even when he is on the move … Moves well without the ball and makes smarts cuts to the basket … Very good rebounder for a guard, especially on the defensive end … Committed defender, always having a low defensive position … Has active hands on defense, which helps him make some steals … Has high defensive upside and has the potential to guard up to 3 positions in the future …

Weaknesses: Hasn’t been tested at a high level, playing at senior level for just a couple of months before declaring for the NBA Draft … His lack of experience and exposure at high level leads to some wild decisions, costly turnovers and losing assignments on both ends of the floor, but that was inevitable … Decision making can be iffy at times… He is a good, but not an elite athlete … He must bulk up his body … Has an average wingspan (measured at 6-6 feet, which is also his height) … Doesn’t have the necessary burst on his first step to beat his man on isolation situations … His average first step makes it difficult for him to exploit miss-matches when he is guarded by a Big … Left hand dominant for now, which makes him predictable… Ball handling with his right hand needs polishing … His pull up game is a work in progress, since he changes his shooting mechanics in that situation, rushing his shot … For now he can probably considered a streaky shooter … Has problems finishing through contact due to weak upper body … Limited on half court settings due to his limitations, he needs space to be effective … At times he looks too willing to pass the ball, losing opportunities to score the ball … He hasn’t find the right balance between being a scorer and a facilitator, being better at the later … Occasionally he moves too fast when he doesn’t have the ball in his hands, and just cuts to the basket, which can create spacing problems, since he leads his defender straight to a teammate … He can lose focus on defense when he isn’t guarding the ball … Over commits as a help defender, even when he defends from the strong side, leaving his man open … Has problems chasing his man around screens and gets caught up behind them …

Overall: Joshua Obiesie is an athletic combo guard who made some noise the first couple of months of 2019… The German prospect has great size for a guard, but it’s his versatility on both ends of the floor, his high basketball I.Q and natural instincts that make him intriguing … His passing ability, improving shooting and defensive potential make him look like a future NBA player … At the same time, he needs to improve considerably in just about every area of his game, especially on his ball handling with his weak – right – hand, his shooting off the dribble, and earn playing time at a high level … If he manages to improve his flaws, he can become a really interesting player.

Notes: Measured 6’6 in shoes, 193 lbs, 6’6 wingspan, and a 8’7 standing reach at the 2019 Nike Hoop Summit …

Stefanos Makris 6/18/19

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