22 - Jonathan Jeanne

7-2, 210 Center
France International
07/03/97 (24.9 yrs)
Les Abymes, Guadeloupe, France
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
91 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Samuel Dalembert

Strengths: Amazing wingspan (measured at 7-6 feet) … Great shot blocker … Rim Protector … Good weak side defender … Active off the ball defender … Denies passing lanes with his long reach and positions himself well … His size, wingspan and reach make him a tough opponent to score over, because he can either block or alter shots … If he continues working hard he can become a game changer on the defensive end of the floor due to his blocking ability … Good athlete … Great leaping ability … Very mobile for someone his size … Solid coordination for a big man … Runs the floor extremely well … Good lateral quickness … Can defend the Pick and Roll at an acceptable rate … Really energetic on the defensive end when motivated … Can play above the rim … An ideal lob target due to his size, reach and jumping ability … Moves well without the ball … Aggressive offensive rebounder… Nice footwork with his back to the basket … Has the ability to become really good on Pick and Roll situations on the offensive end… Has a nice touch around the basket … Improving mid-range game … He is trying to expand his range to the 3-point line … Above average passer … Solid ball handling …

Weaknesses: He barely weights 200 lbs … He needs to bulk up his body to play at the next level … Has narrow shoulders, so it remains to be seen whether he can really add considerable muscle to his frame nd not lose any of his speed and agility … Has very little lower body strength, which creates balance issues … Must become more physical… Average post-defender… Gets pushed around by stronger players … Relies too much on his long reach… Still adapting to his body … Sometimes he needs time to gather before jumping … He often puts his hand down when he tries to block a shoot, which leads to be called for fouls … Jumps at pump-fakes and hesitations … Has to learn to jump vertically when trying to block a shot to be even more effective … He is marginally average defensive rebounder, mainly because either forgets to box out or gets pushed around … Very raw offensively… Doesn’t have a go-to post-move … He mainly turns to his left shoulder when he posts up the defender, which makes him predictable… Not a good finisher at the rim just yet… Has problems finishing through contact … His shooting form needs some work … Shooting Mechanics aren’t always consistent … Needs to cut down turnovers … Has to learn to set harder screens … Doesn’t always roll hard to the basket when he sets a screen on Pick and Roll situations … Sometimes he struggles to catch the ball … He still has to put a lot of work on his mid-range game …

Notes: An intriguing prospect … He is still pretty raw, but has a lot of NBA upside … Hasn’t been able to crack the rotation of his new team, Le Mans, this year … Has been a member of the French Junior National Teams … Averaged 8.6 points, 6.7 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game in 2015 U18 European Championship in 2015 …

Stefanos Makris 2/4/16