44 - Brandon McCoy

7-1, 250 Center
UNLV Freshman
06/11/98 (23.6 yrs)
San Diego, CA
High School
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
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NBA Comparison: Dakari Johnson

Strengths: Great size for an NBA big (7’1”, 250 pounds). Very athletic and moves well for his size. He seems very comfortable in his own skin. Runs the floor well in transition. Should be able to play in faster, up-tempo systems. Should also really excel in the pick and roll with a good point guard. Good hands, knows how to throw it down with authority. Pretty quick down on the block. Knows how to score inside (16.9 points per game). He’s starting to improve his post moves. He’s shown he can hit the fade away jumper. Can even pop it from 3-point range at the top of the key (33.3% on .3 attempts per game). Did a really good job on the boards (10.3 rebounds per game), especially on the offensive glass (3.1 offensive rebounds per game). Boxes out well. Has really improved his ability to command the ball inside. Pretty alert on defense. Eager to protect the rim (1.8 blocks per game). Did a pretty decent job of defending without fouling while still remaining active inside (2.6 fouls per game). Not a selfish player. Willing to find the open man for the easier shot. Tries to set screens, etc.

Weaknesses: Needs to do a better job of finishing in traffic with a hand in his face. Does a good job on the offensive glass, but needs to do a better job converting inside. Tends to rush things a bit. While he’s a willing passer, his fundamentals need to improve (.5 assists & 2.6 turnovers per game). His outside jumper also needs to develop more consistency. He’s improving in this area as is evident by the occasional fade away jumper and 3-pointer, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Confidence in his shooting needs to improve. His interior defense is solid, but he struggled to guard stretch bigs out on the perimeter. Will need to improve his ability to guard on the perimeter if he wants to stay on the floor with smaller, quicker big men. The tools are definitely there. Seemed to be much more of an issue of comfort/confidence.

Overall: Brandon McCoy has a ton of upside given his physical gifts and ability to be a force in the paint. If he can polish his game, become more comfortable out on the perimeter, and prove that he can handle the NBA grind, he could wind up being just as good as any other big man in this draft class. The tools are definitely there.

Ben Parker 6/21/18

Strengths: 7’0.5 center … Solid length with a 7’2.5 wingspan and 9’1.5 standing reach … Has extended his shooting range, can shoot from midrange and has a developing face up game. Good arc on his shot. Good stroke from the free throw line. Can hit the occasional three but doesn’t drift to the perimeter too much. Made two of his five three-point attempts over the Nike EYBL … Reliable scorer in the paint. Shot 51.6% from the field over the Nike EYBL. Isn’t afraid to bang. Uses angles well in the post, squares up and uses backboard. Can finish with his left hand within close. Can score in one on one situations in the post. Shows a developing hook shot on the move … Solid athlete … Good motor. Runs the floor well. Gets back on defense every play … Good rebounder. Crashes offensive glass … Good shot blocker, has potential as a reliable rim protector … Tries to use his size advantage at all times, backing down smaller players at every opportunity … Communicates with teammates. Can play on either end of a high/low with another big … Has shown great strides in his overall development over the last two years of high school, especially his awareness and coordination …

Weaknesses: Skillset is still raw … Not incredibly fluid, a bit stiff when comparing him to the other big men of his class. Doesn’t look comfortable on the move with the ball … His overall feel for the game has a way to go in development … Post-game is still raw but developing. Can score in one on one situations but struggles with double teams or working in traffic. Lacks a go-to move. Likes to bang but doesn’t finish well through contact if he’s not the one initiating. Forces off balance shots. Settles for contested midrange jump shots. Tends to just duck his head and go to the basket. Gets bumped off his path and loses the ball often. Footwork can improve, travels when making moves at times … Doesn’t try to do too much as a dribbler but doesn’t have a great handle on the ball when he puts it on the floor. Doesn’t shoot well off the dribble. … Will force up a shot if he goes through a stretch without a touch. Can have tunnel vision for the basket … Picks up unnecessary fouls from being out of position defensively or using his hands too much. Still learning when to leave his feet and when to stay on the ground defensively … Mishandles passes and doesn’t always catch the ball clean …

Outlook: Incoming UNLV freshman … Played in the McDonald’s All-American Game and Jordan Brand Classic (15 points, 13 rebounds (six offensive), and three blocks) … McCoy has made great improvement in his game. Even with a long way to go in his development, he still leaves an impact when he’s on the floor. McCoy averaged 17.7 points and 9.2 rebounds per game over the Nike EYBL.

Evan Tomes 7/30/17

Strengths: Physical profile (6’11”, 240) He should be able to fill out more during his freshman year at UNLV … Has the size and length to bother shots and be a defensive anchor down low … Runs the floor very well for a big man … Fluid athlete … Exhibits nice touch around the basket and can score at all levels of the floor … Aggressive around the rim and knows how to throw it down … Nice form on his shot … Can hit the fadeaway midrange jumper … Good rebounder and able to make the outlet pass to start the fast break … Confident in his skillset and not afraid to take the big shot … He wants the ball in crunch time … Handles the ball well for a big man … Capable of driving the lane …

Weaknesses: Defensive awareness could improve … Needs to improve his help defense … Will need to improve lateral quickness to guard smaller and quicker 5s … Shot selection needs to improve … Can score at all levels, but needs to learn when to shoot the ball and when to not force things … Tends to look to shoot even when the shot isn’t there … Needs to work on getting position in the paint and commanding the ball … Still needs to get stronger and also quicker so as to combat smaller, quicker defenders … Demands the ball too much at times … Needs to learn to set screens for others and not just demand the ball in the post every time … Has a great physical profile, but needs to learn how to use it better … He needs to be more physical inside and do better against double teams … Wingspan is close to height at 7′, so is not the longest of players …

Notes: Measured 6’11 without shoes, 7’0.5 with shoes, 250 lbs, with a 7’2.5 wingspan and 9’1.5 standing reach at the June 2017 USA U19 tryouts

Ben Parker 5/7/17

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