20 - Adam Mokoka

6-5, 210 Shooting Guard
France International
07/18/98 (23.5 yrs)
Paris, France
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NBA Comparison: Josh Okogie

Strengths: Freakisly athletic combo guard… Has 3-and-D potential … NBA ready body … Has a well built physique and a strong torso … Always gives 100% effort and plays with consistent energy … Great length, with a wingspan measured at 6-10 feet … Great leaper, either with both feet, or off one foot … Explosive first step that helps him blow by his opponent … Unselfish, will always look for the open teammate on offense and will be willing to do the dirty job on defense … Great on the open court, can either start the fast break, or fill the lanes … When he takes the ball on the move he can create problems to the opposing defense … Likes to finish strong at the basket and can even dunk on opponent’s bigs … Can play above the rim thanks to his athleticism … He can take contact at the rim and finish with either hand … Puts pressure on opponent’s defense and draws a lot of fouls thanks to his aggressive playing style … Plays bigger than his size … Has made strides as a secondary playmaker … Constrantly improving in Pick and Roll situations … He can make the simple pass … Has improved as a passer … He can score the occasional Spot Up 3-point … He shot off the dribble is getting better… Moves well without the ball… Great rebounder for a guard on both ends of the court … Always boxes out his opponents… He is a beast on defense … Possesses natural defensive instincts … Great on ball defender … He can smother his opponent with his long arms and athleticism… Really active hands on defense… Amazing lateral quickness … He can hold his ground while defending in the post thanks to his well built body and grin and grind philosophy …Can support a switch-everything defense, since he has the body, length, mental toughness and physicality to guard the opponent Big if necessary for some plays…

He is still a better athlete than a basketball player … Depends too much on his athleticism … His feel for the game and basketball I.Q still need work … His decision making remains iffy … He is still more of a two-guard than a point guard… His court vision is limited … He can only make the simple pass, has problems to see the weakside … Suffers from tunnell vision while driving to the basket, because he just puts his head down and goes … Can’t really read the opponents’ defense on Pick and Roll situations and has problems against hedge outs or double teams … Turnover prone, his assist/turnover ratio is worrisome (1/1) … Picks up dribble early at times and gets trapped in no man’s land … Right hand dominant … Needs to continue working his off hand (left) … His ball handling needs polishing if he wants to spend more time as a point guard … His ball handling limits him when he tries to create his own shot … Incosistent 3-point shooter, he can be ignored on offense if his shot isn’t falling and create spacing problems to his team … Average Free throw shooter for a guard, shooting below 70% for his career … Most of the times he drives on straight line and has problems changing direction … He can occasionaly lose focus when he plays defense on the weak side and lose sight of his opponent …

Adam Mokoka is a freakish athlete who is still learning how to become a good basketball player … His amazing athleticism and lockdown defender potential make him intriguing … For him to take the next step though, he has to significantly improve upon his shooting, ball handling and decision making … He will likely always be by far a better player on defense than on offense, but it’s essential for him to improve on that end of the floor so that he can become a good rotation player on the future …

Stefanos Makris 4/24/19