24 - Aaron Nesmith

6-6, 215 Shooting Guard/Small Forward
Vanderbilt Sophomore
10/16/99 (22 yrs)
Charleston, SC
High School
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NBA Comparison: Cameron Johnson

Strengths: Put up extremely impressive stats as a sophomore with 23 ppg and knocked down an incredibly high volume of shots from behind the arch (made 4.3/8.2 per game) … Undeniably one of the best shooters in the class, shooting 52% from three-point range this past season … Has a good NBA wing frame at 6’6”, 215 lbs. with a 6’10” wingspan … He can catch and shoot as well as anybody in this year’s class, and excels in his off-ball movement … Understands the importance of movement to free himself for looks … Very effective when catching and shooting off-ball screens and uses constant motion to get open … Muscle memory. Has a pretty quick and high release with consistent form which allows him to get his shot off in tight windows … Willing to crash the glass on the defensive end and fight for tough rebounds … Uses a good head fake to keep defenders off balance and is able to hit one-dribble pull-ups from the perimeter … Although it doesn’t happen often, can be slippery when attacking the rim … Shows potential on the defensive end due to length and basketball IQ, but still has a ways to go … 1.4 steals per game shows his solid anticipation ability … Rotates well and is willing to close out on shooters … Seems to understand his strengths and weaknesses, “plays within himself”, doesn’t try to do too much … Team player with a low key demeanor. Seems coachable and doesn’t have a huge ego, wants to win … Is still 20 years old until October 16, solid upside as he already possesses an NBA-ready shot … Progression from his freshman to sophomore year is very promising … Shot an identical clip from the FT line in his freshman and sophomore seasons (82.5%), which shows consistency and is certainly getting the job done … Got to the free-throw line 4.5 times per game as a sophomore … At times makes impressive finishes, his explosiveness is a little inconsistent, but when he gets a clear path to the rim, he is able to throw down solid dunks … Incorporates an effective Euro step to cover more ground on drives …

Weaknesses: His stats are very impressive, but he did not prove it over an entire season, playing in just 14 games (shot 33.7% from three as a freshman) … It’s likely that his production/efficiency may have trailed off to an extent in conference play, but just how much is open to debate … Most glaring weakness is ball-handling. Does not create his own shot very well against top athletes and struggles in isolation … Lack of a quick first step makes it tough to get past quality defenders, and also allows opponents to play him close … Average athlete by NBA standards lacking fluidity and explosiveness  … Overall speed and quickness (both laterally and vertically) leaves something to be desired, but can improve … Defense remains a work in progress and something he will need to focus on in order to earn playing time at the next level … Doesn’t crash the boards on the offensive end, but usually isn’t inside the perimeter to begin with … Can make simple passes, but looking to create for others in the half-court isn’t really part of his game … Sometimes panics when double-teamed or rushed, prefers to play at his own pace … Seems to shy away from contact at the rim, preferring to go for an acrobatic lay-up or pull-up… At times, confidence in his jumper can lead to seemingly forced shots with better ones available from his teammates (granted at 52% from three, that is nit picking)… Relies on length rather than quickness on defense, allows quicker players to get by him … Does not block shots, but can step in and alter some … Most weaknesses are easily correctable with the right coaching, but he’s not fully formed yet …

Outlook: Has some parallels to Buddy Hield, though not the all around scoring threat, lacking the same ability to handle and create off the pull up … A shooting specialist if there ever was one, the modern NBA fits his playing style extremely well and his length gives the potential on defense … He’s arguably the best spot-up shooter in the draft and can provide a floor-spacing three-point threat immediately for any NBA team … His off-ball movement sets him apart from the pack, always moving, using screens and finding the soft spot in the defense to get an open look… Nesmith is elite in his strengths, but limited elsewhere … The lack of ball-handling and playmaking ability caps his potential as a well-rounded player… However, he knows his strengths, taking and making more three-pointers and shots inside the arc this year… Projects to be a specialist, and could turn into one of the better marksmen in the game one day … Should turn into a low-end starter or key role-player thanks to play style, and if he can develop a decent handle and improve lateral quickness he could be much more …

Notes: Possesses a 6-10 wingspan at 6-6, 215 lbs … Native of Charleston, South Carolina … Was rated 64th nationally coming into college by 247 Sports, 69th by ESPN …

Nick Mazone 5/14/20